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Homemade Keto Pasta

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The keto diet is an eating plan that is very low in carbohydrates, but it is very high in fat. The idea behind the diet is that the body will use fat as its primary source of fuel, and it will be able to burn it off instead of using the carbohydrates that are in our food.

This means that you can eat all the pasta you want, without worrying about the effect it will have on your weight. We have included the ingredients and the instructions in this post, so that anyone can make it at home. Many people find themselves in a rut when it comes to eating complex carbohydrates.

The usual pasta and rice diet is very common, and many people fall into a rut of eating the same thing every single day. Although some people have the time and patience to make pasta from scratch, many people do not. That is where the Ketogenic diet comes in. The Ketogenic Diet is a diet that is very high in fat, and is very low in carbohydrates.

For those of you looking for an easy keto low carb pasta recipe, this keto pasta is a great option. I like to make my keto pasta with just a couple keto friendly ingredients. This recipe is perfect for those who want to enjoy a keto diet without all the carbs. Keto Pasta is very simple to make.. Read more about keto pasta sauce and let us know what you think.

Pasta is often mentioned while discussing comfort foods. Pasta recipes have been passed down for generations, but none have been genuinely healthful until now. This gluten-free, low-glycemic pasta dish will quickly become one of your favorites.


What are the Ingredients in Pasta?

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Pastas ranging from conventional pasta to chickpea noodles are now available on the market. So, how do you go about making keto pasta? We’ll get to preparing the pasta later, but first, let’s speak about conventional pasta and how it’s produced so that we can compare our wonderful Pasta Keto with it.

Ingredients for Pasta

Traditional: Pasta may be made with just a few ingredients. Flour (white bleached flour or 00 flour), eggs, olive oil, and salt are usually used as the basis. The problem is that the primary component wheat is neither gluten-free nor low-carb. As a result, normal spaghetti will not function on a keto diet.

Low-carb noodles contain the SAME number of ingredients as regular noodles! Keto pasta, on the other hand, is of considerably better quality. Eggs, shredded mozzarella cheese, water, and gelatin are used in this recipe.

How I Make Regular Pasta

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Traditional: Making pasta is a time-consuming procedure that may take up to an hour if you’re competent… Making a dough and spreading it out may be difficult for inexperienced pasta makers. To create pasta, start by making a mound of flour with a well in the middle, then filling it with the egg and olive oil.

The dough must then be kneaded for 10 minutes and then rested for 30 minutes or overnight in the refrigerator. Finally, you’ll need to roll out the pasta and cut it into the desired form. In order to roll and cut out the noodles from regular pasta dough, a pasta attachment is often required.



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Our keto spaghetti dish, on the other hand, is a lot easier! We used a pizza cutter to avoid using any complex or costly equipment, and the dough was still excellent. The difference is that ours is simpler, less costly, and takes less time to prepare! Continue reading to learn how we do it.

Alternatives to Pasta Keto

This is one of the finest low-carb/keto pasta recipes available. These low-carb noodles are made with just four ingredients and freeze nicely, allowing you to prepare a large quantity and enjoy them anytime you want. There are several pre-made store-bought keto options if you don’t want to make your own spaghetti noodles. Among the low-carb choices are:

  • Shirataki noodles- For our favorite Pasta Alfredo dish with sausage, we used these low carb/keto pasta noodles. The only thing to keep in mind is that they are a low-calorie, low-carb pasta option. Make sure the noodles have been washed before dropping them into boiling water. Once they’ve been cooked, they must be dried by boiling in a waterless saucepan. After that, you’ll need to prepare a sauce and cover the noodles with it. They need a bit more effort than just boiling and serving, so keep that in mind.
  • Edamame or Soybean Noodle Pastas- These are more like conventional noodle pastas, but with a higher carb content. There are about 20 carbohydrates and 13 fiber per serving (7 net). It’s still a fantastic low-carb pasta choice; however, individuals tracking total carbohydrates may find it inconvenient.
  • Zucchini noodles, often known as zoodles, have taken the keto world by storm. They’re a low-carb pasta with natural fiber and a lot of volume for the calories.

These are just a handful of the current pasta alternatives that we would eat on keto, but there are many more. There are several that are high in fiber yet include gluten. Others rely on gums such as xanthan gum and guar gum to achieve their texture. The kind of low-carb pasta you select is entirely up to you. This spaghetti dish is one of the cleanest keto meals you’ll discover, but we completely understand if you simply want something from the store!

Pasta Keto: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Because of all the processes, making low carb pasta seems intimidating, but it’s really a lot simpler than you think!


This recipe will need a few tools, the most of which are likely items you already have on hand, making it extremely cost effective. You’ll need a microwave-safe dish and parchment paper to create keto spaghetti.

We like parchment paper since it is completely nonstick, but ordinary paper would suffice. You’ll also need a rolling pin to flatten the pasta and a pizza cutter to cut it into strips.


You just need four basic things to get started! This dish, like the greatest keto recipes, includes one egg. We prefer pasture-raised eggs because they have a much brighter yolk and greater taste depth.

You’ll also need gelatin and shredded mozzarella cheese. When you use gelatin, you’ll have a firm noodle that won’t melt into a pool of cheese when you add hot sauce on top.


How to Make Keto Pasta

This four-ingredient keto spaghetti takes just 20 minutes to prepare and is gluten-free. To begin cooking this pasta, get a microwave-safe bowl out of the cupboard. Combine the gelatin and water in a mixing dish. You must whisk them together in order for the mixture to gel and thicken.


Then, in a microwave-safe bowl, heat the cheese for 20-30 seconds, or until completely melted. Check for any whole chunks of cheese within before rapidly mixing in the egg. So that the egg does not cook, whisk it in rapidly.


Microwave the bowl with gelatin in 10 second intervals until all the granules have dissolved after the cheese mixture is completely mixed. Finally, stir the gelatin mixture into the cheese until it is completely blended and homogeneous. It should be starting to resemble a soft dough at this point.

If the cheese mixture begins to cool and ball up before adding the gelatin, microwave the cheese and egg combination for 10 seconds before adding the gelatin. Now place the dough on parchment paper that has been oiled to prevent the cheese from adhering.


Fold the parchment paper over the dough and roll it out with a rolling pin to cover it completely. Gently roll out the dough to a thickness of 2mm. Depending on the kind of pasta you want to create, you may make it thicker or thinner.


We’ve discovered that thinner keto pasta noodles are more likely to break. Place the gluten-free keto pasta dough in the fridge for 10 minutes after rolling. Cut the dough into your preferred pasta width using a pizza cutter. With these low carb keto pasta noodles, we enjoy creating gluten-free fettuccine.


Return the sliced dough to the fridge for at least another 30 minutes to solidify. Because this recipe contains no binders, it will take some time for the gelatin to set and activate.


To serve, just mix it with your preferred hot spaghetti sauce. With the sauce, this keto pasta will cook up and come to temperature quickly.

Mistakes to Avoid When Eating Keto Pasta

When it comes to cooking low carb noodles, there are a few frequent errors we hear about. While it’s natural to have some difficulties the first time you make pasta, there are certain recipe notes that will help you create the finest pasta meals possible.

Keto Pasta Shouldn’t Be Boiling

While most pasta recipes require for boiling water, keto pasta does not. If you put these noodles in hot water, they will dissolve and turn into a huge cheesy glob. Coconut flour is the best flour for binding and holding things together.

Even so, it’s questionable if such a large quantity of cheese would be stable at such temperatures. Toss the noodles into a hot or warm sauce and let them come to room temperature on their own.

Gelatin is being skipped and replaced.

In low-carb pasta, gelatin is essential. Xanthan gum is used in certain keto recipes, but not in our keto pasta recipe. The xanthan gum thickens the dough but does not give it structure.

Structure is crucial in keto spaghetti noodles because without it, your noodles would melt into a blob of cheese. Because our gluten-free keto noodles don’t use flour (or even coconut flour) as a binder, gelatin is much more essential.

Failure to Combine Ingredients Properly

It may be daunting to combine ingredients quickly enough to prevent the cheese from hardening. As previously mentioned, this recipe does not use an almond or coconut flour binder to assist cut through and integrate components. If the cheese starts to firm, heat it for 10 seconds in the microwave to soften it without overcooking the egg. Because you want a homogeneous batter, don’t be afraid to warm it slightly to avoid unmixed gelatin clumps in the dough.

Putting the Cheese on Fire

This note is the polar opposite of the previous one. This typically occurs while melting the cheese for the first time in a dish. If you microwave the cheese for an extended period of time, it will undoubtedly burn.

The other components will not combine well with burned cheese. To avoid scorching, keep your microwave intervals between 20 and 30 seconds, with a maximum of 30 seconds at a time.


Making keto pasta requires not boiling the pasta, making sure to use gelatin, mixing in all of the ingredients, and avoiding scorching the cheese. If you don’t follow these guidelines, you may discover that the recipe doesn’t turn out as well as you had anticipated! Keep these suggestions in mind the next time you prepare this dish!

Choosing a Sauce

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Finding the ideal keto sauce may be difficult. There are many different kinds of sauces to choose from, but only a handful are really keto. Here are a few of our favorite sauces:


For your spaghetti and meatball meal, this is the traditional spaghetti sauce. There are both store-bought and fresh alternatives available. When preparing marinara sauce recipes, it’s common for manufacturers to sneak in sugar, which raises the carb amount. You’ll need a low-sugar sauce with as few ingredients as possible to create keto pasta. Your choices are as follows:

  • Homemade: The most delicious and fresh-tasting option is typically homemade. You’ll want to look for a nice classic recipe that’s minimal in carbs and sugar.
  • From the store: We have a few favorite brands, like Raos and Victoria. Each serving of Raos contains 5 net carbs, whereas each serving of Victoria has 5 net carbs. Here’s how to make the greatest keto spaghetti!


Pesto is an underappreciated pasta sauce. Pesto recipes abound on the internet for making this high-fat topping. The finest variants are as follows:

  • This dish goes with our pesto chicken, but you can simply mix it all up and serve it overtop of these delicious noodles. For a keto diet, low carb pasta need a nice high fat topping, which this pesto provides. To truly flesh out the taste, use high-quality walnuts and olive oil, as well as fresh herbs.
  • Store-bought: It’s tough to get a high-quality pesto since you have to watch out for low-grade oils. Because of their high omega 6 content, vegetable oils are known to induce inflammation (1). We suggest sticking to pestos made with olive oil, such as the Mezzeta brand.


A creamy sauce that goes well with any kind of pasta, but particularly our keto spaghetti noodles! We like to prepare a high-fat dinner with alfredo sauce and chicken or sausage to keep us satisfied for hours.

  • We have two alfredo recipes for you to try, both of which will blow your socks off! Our blackened shrimp fettuccine alfredo is the first. Our low-carb alfredo noodles with sausage is the second option.
  • From the Store: There are just a few good alfredo sauces on the market. The majority of them contain poor oils and low-quality dairy products. The Raos brand is the only one we would really consider, although it is a little more costly than most other store brand alternatives.


More Keto Recipes from Italy

Looking for more delectable Italian keto recipes? Take a look at a few of our favorites below:

  • Keto Lasagna in Cast Iron – This cast iron lasagna is extremely simple, super cheesy, and super delicious! It’s another refined carb-free keto dish that’s great for a quick meal.
  • Easy Caprese Chicken– Serve this low-carb spaghetti with easy caprese chicken for the entire family to enjoy. This recipe is ideal for anybody on a keto diet who wants to limit total carbohydrates while still enjoying a light and flavorful Italian meal. It’s also egg-free for people who are allergic to egg whites or yolks.
  • Keto Tiramisu is a classic Italian dessert that has been keto-fied. It’s a sugar-free Italian dessert dish that’s one of our favorites.

These are just a handful of our favorite recipes; our site has a lot more. We offer a variety of recipes with different cook times and tastes so you can pick the right one for you!

Keto Pasta

With this delicious ketogenic noodles dish, the pasta-bilities are limitless. This will be the foundation recipe for you whether you want to make simple noodles with butter and parmesan or extra fancy handmade pesto noodles. With just 15 minutes of prep time and 30 grams of fat, this recipe will become a go-to evening meal on your keto diet.



Keto Pasta

This four-ingredient keto spaghetti will be a favorite with the whole family. Even the Italians in the family will be blown away by the quality of these keto noodles.

  • 52 minutes in total
  • 1 person serving
  • 391 calories per serving
  • Time to Prepare: 10 minutes
  • Time to Rest: 40 minutes
  • Time to cook: 2 minutes


  • Combine the gelatin powder and water in a small bowl. Allow to soak for a few minutes after whisking. It’ll be very thick.
  • Microwave the cheese in a microwave-safe bowl for 20-30 seconds, or until completely melted. Whisk the melted cheese to ensure that no firm cheese bits remain, then add the egg yolk and whisk until the liquid is homogeneous. Make sure the egg yolk does not overcook.
  • After that, microwave the bowl with the gelatin for 10 seconds at a time until all of the gelatin granules are dissolved, which takes around 20 seconds total.
  • Pour the gelatin mixture over the cheese mixture and whisk rapidly until everything is well mixed. The ingredients will begin to resemble a soft dough. (Microwave the cheese mixture for 10 seconds before adding the gelatin if it has cooled.)
  • Place one half of a greased sheet of baking paper with the cheese mixture. Fold it over and gently press it onto the baking paper to evenly distribute the dough.
  • Roll out the dough between the baking paper sheets with a rolling pin until it is 1/4 inch thick. Refrigerate for 30 minutes to let flavors to meld.
  • Remove the rolled-out dough from the refrigerator. Cut the dough into noodles of your chosen width using a pizza cutter. You may use fettuccini, linguini, spaghetti, and other similar pastas.
  • To serve, throw it in your favorite hot or warm sauce; the pasta will quickly heat up and reach the temperature of the sauce.


* Gelatin is a key ingredient in this recipe. It provides the pasta structure and makes it more al dente. If you omit the gelatin, you’ll wind up with a mushy, melt-in-your-mouth pasta. You may freeze the spaghetti if you don’t plan on using it within 1-2 days. You may defrost it in the fridge ahead of time when you’re ready to use it. Boiling the pasta will get it mushy and cause it to melt. You may reheat it by submerging it in hot water for 5-10 seconds and immediately draining it. Net 3 g carbs per serving 1 serving (about)

  • Nutritional Information
  • Keto Pasta
  • Per Serving Amount
  • 391 calories 270 calories from fat
  • daily value in percent*
  • Fat 30g (46% fat)
  • 16 g saturated fat (80%)
  • Cholesterol 273 mg 91 %
  • 30 percent sodium (711mg)
  • Potassium (85mg2) is a mineral that is found in a lot of foods.
  • Carbohydrates account for 31% of total calories.
  • 1 gram 1% sugar
  • 28 g (56% protein)
  • Vitamin A 20 percent (1002IU)
  • 59 percent calcium (588mg)
  • 1 gram of iron is equal to 6% of your whole body weight.
  • * Percent Daily Values (%DV) are calculated using a 2000-calorie diet.
  • Course:The Basics
  • Cuisine:Italian

Keto pasta is a term used to describe a kind of pasta that is

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I created this recipe to help people make keto pasta easier. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought it would be easier to make your own, but I can’t stand to spend hours in the kitchen prepping vegetables for my pasta. When I first made this recipe I used whole wheat pasta, but I have tried a few others and they are just as good.. Read more about vegan almond flour pasta and let us know what you think.

Yes, pasta will kick you out of ketosis.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a keto friendly pasta?

There are many keto friendly pastas out there, but the most popular one is probably zoodles.

What can I use instead of pasta on keto?

There are a variety of low carb pasta substitutes that you can use in place of traditional noodles. Some popular options include zucchini, spaghetti squash, and cauliflower.

Will pasta kick me out of ketosis?

Yes, pasta will kick you out of ketosis.