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Free Weight Loss Resources From IDM

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Before you drop that extra pound or two, check out the sites on this list that provide free weight loss resources. These sites offer research reports, diet plans, articles, and other content that can help you better understand weight loss.

If you’re looking to lose weight, you likely already know plenty about how dangerous long term weight loss is. It’s easy for your current lifestyle to spiral out of control, especially when you’re trying to lose weight. That’s why it’s crucial to be in control of your health and what you put in your body. ​ ​​

If you’re on the internet, you’ve seen a ton of ads for weight loss products. Ads for low calorie foods, diet pills, exercise equipment, and apps, to name a few. But what about all those seemingly free resources? What happens when you’re looking to lose weight and you run across a website offering free weight loss information?

To all of you, a very happy New Year! I took a break from work for a few weeks to spend time with my family and friends. I ate a lot more than I should have, and I definitely ate a lot of items that should have been left on the table. Now, like everyone else, I’d want to shed a couple pounds gained over the holidays. Every year, it occurs, but fortunately, I prepare for it and increase my fasting to compensate for my food errors. Fasting is not tough for me, but it may be challenging for others who are new to fasting or low-carb diets.

That’s why Megan Ramos and I run the Intensive Dietary Management (IDM) program, which includes a variety of educational sessions that may assist with fasting. There are expensive applications available, but I suggest using some of the free ones. I’m going to tell you about several free resources that I believe you’ll find helpful in this article. On the main page of www.IDMprogram.com, you may join up for both the 12-week introductory fasting program and the fasting community (Facebook).

We created these materials last year but didn’t make them public until late 2018, so many of you may not be aware of them. The most essential aspects of losing weight, in my view, are having the proper information and being a member of a community that supports you to stick with it.

Many individuals have no idea what fasting is, and when they do, they are surrounded by others who want to undermine their efforts. As a result, the most essential thing to do before beginning to fast to lose weight is to educate yourself and join a supportive group. Fortunately, IDM provides free tools to assist you.

Introduction to Email Fasting: A 12-Week Course

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This course’s goal is to provide basic knowledge about fasting and how it may aid weight reduction. If you sign up for our homepage, you’ll get a weekly email with the essentials. The following are some of the topics covered:

  • Contributions throughout time
  • Caloric restriction or fasting
  • Physiology
  • Weight loss with fasting 1
  • Weight loss and fasting 2
  • Autophagy
  • Fasting and muscle mass decrease
  • Hormone of Growth
  • Exercise
  • Cholesterol and fasting
  • Fasting Rule No. 1
  • Fasting

This provides you a quick summary of the subjects, and then you may browse the remainder of our free blog for more information. To join up for our free introductory course through the IDM site, all you need is an email address.

Community of Fasters

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Finding a supportive community is the second important aspect of weight reduction. We’ve started a Facebook fasting support group called The Obesity Code Network, which anybody can join for free. Our moderators are working to make Facebook a more inclusive and friendly environment.


Finally, listen to Drs. Brian Lenzkes and Tro’s new Low Carb MD podcast. Megan and I explore the clinical elements of fasting and practical suggestions to assist you on your journey in this podcast. Megan will appear once a week on the show to answer questions regarding the gadget.


Wishing you all the best of luck!

– Jason Fung, M.D.

Also available on idmprogram.com. Do you want to lose weight but are stuck because you can’t seem to get motivated to start? If so, you might be in a rut, and you need a fresh start.

A big problem people have is they think if they’re going to start jogging it will take them a few weeks and they’ll be attached to the idea of jogging, which is a rut. If you don’t like the idea of weight loss, that’s fine, but the way you get started is to let go of the idea that you have to do anything. You can let go of the idea that you have to do anything to lose weight. Read more about the fasting method focus groups and let us know what you think.