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Which World Of Warcraft Expansion Is Easiest To Level In?

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World of Warcraft is an incredibly popular game especially because of the long tradition that it carries. This game constantly attracts new players, even though it has loyal ones. This game is so popular that it managed to survive in the gaming industry as one of the top multi-player games that players love. With constant new developments, innovative features, and entertaining updates, the user experience is highly improved and it is worth trying it out.

Since this game is truly iconic, if you never had a chance to play it, we are here to help you by telling you how you can start with the game. At first glance, the game truly seems difficult, however, some game expansions are ideal for beginners. These expansions are practically episodes outside the basic game version.

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Every expansion comes with its own level of difficulty and complexity. We prepared the easiest ones that do not come with some complex obstacles, however, you should know that whenever you are feeling overwhelmed by the game difficulty, you can buy WoW boost service.

With the help of this kind, you will easier and more effectively overcome challenges and make a progress in the game. Now, let’s list some of the easiest expansions that you can start with or if you are already a WoW player, you can easily level in with them!

The WoW Expansion – Mists of Pandaria

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This extension is created in a very professional way and it is great for both beginners and those that want to level up very easily. Additionally, this version is very entertaining since around the players are going to be lots of pandas. With this expansion, you can really relax, reduce stress levels and entertain yourself since there are no difficulties. It is created in the Chinese traditional theme, therefore it is a truly unique game that you can try out.

The WoW Expansion – Legion

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If you are the player that wants a little more challenging WoW experience, you can try this expansion. If you are a beginner, it would be best to avoid this version for some period. However, if you think you are up to this challenge, be free to try it and enjoy it. With a little knowledge, you can easily succeed in the game and level in easier.

The WoW Expansion – Battle for Azeroth

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Fantastic gaming experience with unique challenges, you can get by playing this dramatic expansion that will help you to level in. This expansion is also good for practicing skills, however since it is very advanced, it can be confused for the beginner players. The story also comes with complex content, therefore, it is suitable for the more experienced ones.

The WoW Expansion – Warlords of Draenor

By playing this expansion, you are going to feel like you are playing the original WoW game version. Even though this expansion does not make so much sense, it is not very difficult. Best of all, it is one of the expansions that can help you level ineffectively. As a player, you can maximize your character easier.