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What Fruits and Vegetables Looked Like Before

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One of the most exciting things about agriculture is the discovery of new food crops. Today we know of a wide variety of fruit and vegetable varieties that existed thousands of years ago, but were unknown to the people of the day. This means that the foods we eat today are not the same as they were thousands of years ago. Let’s take apples as an example.

Can you imagine the variety of apples that grew before we had the apple trees that we have today? Imagine an apple with a huge red core, and a nice green skin. Imagine another with red skin, but a larger green core. Imagine another with green and red skin, and a yellow core. When you look at the apple you eat today, you can see all of the different

The following series of photographs shows the various fruits and vegetables that existed in the world before the arrival of our current technology. So, how did they look? Are they similar to what we know today? Or were they even the same?

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This is one of those posts that really made you giggle. It got me thinking that what would some of the ‘before’ photos of fruits and vegetables look like? In terms of color, the oranges are so bright and vibrant. As for the green, it seems so much more paler in comparison.

Nature’s sweetness comes in the form of fruit. This is why. Fruit was not as large and delicious before man tamed it. Take a look at these startling instances of how common fruits appeared hundreds or thousands of years ago. For example, the fruit above is 64 times bigger and sweeter than the peach below; there are more examples below.

When someone claims that humans have always eaten fruit, keep this in mind. True, but it wasn’t the sort of fruit you’d find in today’s supermarkets. It’s a superfruit with much more sugar than it’s ever had before….. It’s the natural sweetness.

Personally, I take a piece of fruit every now and again since it tastes nice, I’m satisfied with my weight and health, and I tolerate it well. However, if I want to lose weight without starving myself, I will certainly reduce my intake.

Here are some more samples of what fruits and vegetables looked like in the past:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What foods looked like before genetic modification?

This is a difficult question to answer.

What did carrots look like before GMO?

Carrots were originally orange and purple. They have been genetically modified to be white in order to make them more visible on the shelves of grocery stores.

What are two things one should do before using fruits and vegetables?

One should wash their fruits and vegetables before using them. It is also recommended that one should peel the fruit or vegetable before using it.