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ProjectM: Daydream Review – (the name is a play on words of the Project Morpheus virtual reality headset) – Project Morpheus is the virtual reality headset made by Sony, which has been available for the PlayStation 4 since last November. The headset is for the living room, and can be used both as an immersive gaming environment and as a system that’s primarily used for watching movies and videos.

For those who don’t know, ProjectM is a mod for Project M that makes it playable in the Android Virtual Reality platform Daydream. The game is a competitive, turn-based, combat game that pits eight units against each other on a small battlefield. Play against friends or AI in a variety of game modes and maps.

I’ve been using Google’s Daydream app and headset for a few days now, and I’ve been pretty happy overall. The headset and controller look and feel pretty nice, and the experience can be good for virtual reality fans—although I can’t say the same for Cardboard’s app which is sadly still pretty buggy. But I’m a VR enthusiast, so I probably won’t be holding that against Daydream.

There are a lot of VR games and applications out there, but I’m a big fan of independent developers, who I believe represent the future of the industry—they’re very creative and brilliant individuals! “ProjectM: Daydream” is one of my favorite VR games, and I’m thrilled to share it with you. ProjectM: Daydream is a multiplayer virtual reality game that blends the nostalgia of playing old Mario games online with the thrill of high scores. You may play with people from all around the world or against AI bots alone. It’s a game I’ve been playing since it first came out, and I think it’s a genuine treasure in the virtual reality genre.

To get the most out of their games, PC gamers have experimented with altering their operating systems and installing a range of applications and software. For the most dedicated gamers who want to enhance their gaming experience, the former approach is the best and most dependable, but is it the only way to get the most out of your games?


ProjectM: Daydream by EVR Studio is a virtual reality dating experience. As it’s just a few minutes long and only has subtitles in a few major languages to match with the Korean audio, the sensation of sitting across from a very realistic person as she laughs and grins while you hop into immersive interludes makes me wonder about the future of VR dating simulations. Based on what I’ve learned from Daydream, they’ll be a whole other ballgame.

Note to reader (09/11/17): This is a paid experience that is not part of the Early Access program. From the consumer’s perspective, it’s a finished, purchaseable item. According to the developers, ProjectM: Daydream is only “a peek of one of the digital characters that will appear in [their] main VR adventure game, which is set to launch next year.” We don’t rate unfinished projects, but since none of the specified data is made accessible to consumers, we feel obligated to assess this experience as if it were a completed product that had been bought.

You play Dong-Woo, a high school Korean guy who has just returned from summer vacation, and you visit Seung-home, where Ah, your friend and ostensible love interest, lives. She welcomes you into her home and prepares a light meal before telling you about her European summer vacation. Two of her most memorable experiences were a skydiving holiday in Switzerland and a day at the beach in Spain. This is a work-friendly meeting, with the exception of a brief bikini scene.

Before I proceed any further, let me say something that is self-evident:

  1. I’m a happily married guy who isn’t interested in virtual reality dating simulators for anything other than their technical capacity to generate some sort of artificial emotional connection, no matter how faulty or sexist they are.
  2. The cultural gap distorts my views since I don’t speak Korean.

Aside from that, ProjectM: Daydream has some really excellent character animations that give the impression that the woman in front of you is only a few degrees from being genuine. Her posture, facial expressions, body language, voice acting, and subsequent gaze are all convincing enough to make me think, “Please don’t fart, for Pete’s sake.”


While she continues to tell you about her experiences in Europe, you quickly find yourself daydreaming about skydiving over Interlaken, Switzerland, and looking out over a beautiful sunset on the beach in Nerja, Spain. Of course, none of this happened in the game, so you’re sent back to her house, presumably beaming from the great time you had together on vacation as a genuine couple.

On a technological level, the experience features realistically drawn interiors. The home is a warm and inviting environment that seems real enough to keep you on your toes. Outdoor pictures, on the other hand, do not wow me as much because the textures are too basic and uncared for, missing the sheen of Seung-Korean Ah’s suburban home.


Within scenes, movement is either static room-scale forward motion or ‘on-rails’ forward motion, which warps you across different parts of the story or environment on cue.

When it comes to conversation, there are two main problems. The game’s conversation tree is a clunky and tedious way to interact with another person in virtual reality, but it seems to be a necessary evil in the absence of a near-perfect version of AI-driven voice recognition to keep the illusion going. I often found my attention wandering (not in the manner you imagine) to the rest of the room because the conversation was so tedious. We spoke about topics like “Where did you travel on vacation?” and “How did you spend your vacation?” ” and “Why […]” and “With whom […]” were all intriguing subjects, but they didn’t pique my attention. We’re not sure why, but if you say the “wrong thing,” she loses interest in you and is less receptive to your jokes and other approaches. At the end of the meeting, she thanked you for the outfit you bought her.

ProjectM: Daydream is much too short (at 25 minutes) to be considered a worthwhile investment for anybody looking for a virtual reality dating simulator (it merely claims to be a preview, for reasons we describe above). Daydream provides a serious look into the future of the virtual reality dating sim genre and what it could become, despite the game’s brief length. The ability to go anywhere you want and do whatever you want may help users create “bonding moments,” which they may appreciate as they grow more engaged in keeping their virtual companions happy.


In terms of comfort, the way the experience handles artificial locomotion makes a few errors. Skydiving was stomach-turning because of the forced yaw-turn, which spins you to make you seem more dramatic. It makes an effort to do so at a respectable speed, but it remains annoying.

When you look beyond the game’s programmed answers, you’ll see another person staring at you and chatting sweetly and lovingly to you; sitting on your lap and whispering in your ear. That last part bothered me, but I’m clearly not the target audience here. “At the end of the day,” the developers add, their most essential objective is “to eventually give a feeling of comfort to the user.” Because it isn’t within the scope of this review to debate whether it is correct or incorrect for whatever reason, we’ll simply leave it at that.

For a rudimentary look at the studio’s character modeling skills, check out the ProjectM: Dream demo on Steam.

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  • In Korean, the word “daydream” means “dreaming.”

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