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4 Tips For Preventing Damage During Your First Long-Distance Move

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A couple of years back, I perfectly executed my long-distance moving plan, however, there is one thing that I completely managed to neglect – I didn’t properly protect my belongings, which is why some really sentimental items got damaged and broken during transportation. For you to prevent damage to your belongings during your first long-distance move, here is a list of the top four tips that you must remember while packing:

1. Firstly, Gather All The Supplies You’ll Require

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Before you can protect your belongings, you’ll first need to gather all the supplies you’ll need for packing. Hence, ensure that you have boxes in all sizes, tape, bubble wrap, markers, ziplock bags, newspapers, scissors, furniture pads, as well as boxes for your electronics. All of these items are affordable and can be purchased almost anywhere, and they’ll most definitely make the entire packing process simpler and easier.

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2. Pack One Room at a Time

If you begin packing all rooms at the same time, you’ll most likely end up being overwhelmed and you may also not mark the boxes properly, which can make it difficult for you to settle into a new house. Because of this, you have to guarantee that you pack one room at a time. Start packing early on so that you have enough time to sift through your things, donate or sell the items you don’t use, and mark each box properly. But, before labeling, you must protect your belongings, which leads us to our next point…

3. Protect Your Belongings Properly

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Newspapers and bubble sheets will be your best friends while packing. For instance, if you’re packing up your kitchen, you must place newspaper in each cup and glass, wrap it in some bubble sheet, and secure it with tape. The same should be done for every other thing that is made out of glass or ceramics. Also, if you’re packing plates, ensure that you place some bubble wrap beneath each one so that they don’t get damaged while being transported to your new residence.

According to the experts from EH1 Edinburgh Removals, a lot of people neglect to fill in the empty spaces between their things, which almost always results in them getting broken, thus, don’t neglect to do so. Lastly, while loading, you must get rid of all the things that you don’t require, especially since this is something that’ll lighten your load, thus, you could end up making the entire process more affordable.

4. The Furniture Needs to Be Taken Apart

Taking apart the furniture won’t only make it simpler for you to transport it, but it’ll also save space and ensure that they don’t get damaged during the ride. While loading them on the truck, you should use some old blankets or pads that’ll protect the surfaces, and you could even choose to, for example, wrap some components – such as the legs of your table – with bubble wrap so that you can easily stack items.

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Even though long-distance moving is stressful, daunting, and time-consuming, one of the things that’ll surely make it easier for you is that you’ve protected your belongings properly. And, if you choose to follow all of the advice we’ve mentioned above, you’ll be capable of protecting your belongings. Since you now understand what you’ll need to do, don’t lose time, instead, start gathering all the supplies you’ll require!