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3 Things to Know When Disputing an Online Gambling Charge

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Online gambling has become very popular. We can even say that it has taken on elements of infection. It’s easy and fun to play from home, but what if you need to withdraw your money or feel the casino cheated on you for a bonus? Can you dispute an online casino charge? The answer is yes, but that’s not so easy. So, here are 3 things you need to know if you want to dispute an online casino charge.

You Are A Consumer, Casino Provides Services

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As with all other services, here we have a situation where you are a consumer – and the online casino provides you with services. Very similar to when you go to a hairdresser who charges you for his service – and you may not like the hairstyle. You have to keep in mind though, that in the case of online casinos things are a little different though. Namely, what you claim, you have to prove! But how and to whom, and what are your chances of achieving that? Here are the things you need to know.

1. Keep in mind the reliability of the online casino and in which country it is located

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Some countries have a legal ban on gambling. Therefore, it is very important to know in advance where the online casino where you play is located – and whether you can legally claim a dispute and a refund. It can happen that if the casino doesn’t operate according to the law – you cannot collect your disputed money at all. Moreover, you may be prosecuted. That is why, according to UFABET, it is very important to choose a reliable casino that allows you to play legally – and legally collect both winnings and receivables if you have claimed a dispute.

2. Ask the bank whose card you used at the online casino for refunds

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When you want to dispute the costs you had in an online casino – this usually refers to a money refund. However, you must know that you are not requesting this refund from the casino that provides you with the service – but from the bank whose card you used to pay for the specified service. This implies a request to the bank, which will subsequently contact the service provider – that is, the casino. When this happens, the scenario is usually always the same. You have to prove what you are not happy with and why you are asking for a refund from the casino – and that can sometimes be a futile job.

3. You need to know exactly why you are disputing online casino

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The casino provides you with the services you pay for. Therefore when disputing an online casino charge, you need to state exactly why. Whether you will be compensated or not – depends on the case. However, you must know in which cases you have the right to be compensated. This happens in the following cases:

  • If the casino did not provide you with the promised service

For example, if you happen to have deposited money and transferred it from your card, but you weren’t allowed to play – while the casino still kept the money. This is one of the “clear” cases that you can always get in court or settle with the casino.

  • If your consumer rights were violated

In that case, you are entitled to compensation. Let’s say you got a guarantee on a certain percentage of bonus payouts – and you were deprived. In such a case, the casino will be obliged to pay you the real percentage – which was guaranteed.

  • Someone misused your card

There are situations when users have not requested a casino service at all – but someone else has used and misused their card without permission. Then you are entitled to compensation. However, this is a very arduous and long court process with an uncertain result.