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8 Things to Know About Flower Arrangements and Their Meanings

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Many times we have heard that flowers speak their own language and convey important messages, especially when it comes to the type, the way they are combined in an arrangement, the number of flowers used, as well as their color. In many traditions, these meanings may be different. For example, a flower that is once a symbol of happiness and freedom may be used for other occasions in other cultures.

There is a universal language of flowers, but still, at the end of the day, interpretations may be different. In this text today we will talk about the importance of the choice when giving an arrangement or bouquet, as well as the message it conveys.

Experienced florists know that it is not only roses that convey a message of love and passion. In fact, internationally, there are many different ways to express it without using roses as one of the most famous clichés.

Nowadays, when we work in international companies and have daily communication with people from all over the world, sometimes the need arises to congratulate someone, with a kind gesture and send flowers on that occasion. It sounds like it’s not simple, and to be honest, until a few years ago it might have been impossible.

For example, if you are thinking about sending flowers to India from the UK, it is good to know that even that is possible because today there are services for flower delivery in Delhi or other cities. People in India are known for working and collaborating with many foreigners and even having strong friendships abroad.

To know their flower culture is also good, but still, in our opinion, give preference to the universal language of flowers. Furthermore, everything is a matter of nuances and mutual understanding.

History of the language of flowers

In mythology, in history, in literature, each flower has its own meaning. You will find interpretations in folklore, but also in ancient history. Every bloom, every blossom may have a different meaning, depending on many things, like the size, color, or the combination with the other plants in the arrangement.

In the standard flower language red roses are as we said, a symbol of love and passion, orange blossom is purity and kindness, amaryllis is pride, angelica is for inspiration, and even potted plants speak their own language.

Of course, it is not possible for one person to know all this, but here we are, as well as the professional florists, to help you understand at least a little and with great love and dedication to give an arrangement to an important person in your life.

For example, when it comes to bouquets and arrangements, the meanings as well as the history mostly lead to the Victorian era, and according to the records, Queen Victoria communicated with flowers, leaving a few “phrases” in floriography. Therefore, flowers handed out with the right hand are a confirmed response of the suitor, and the refusal is with the left hand.

In this article, we will talk about several types of flowers, to capture the nuances in their meanings.

1. Red roses

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Is there more to say about them? They are a universal language of love and passion, so it is not surprising that we often see them in Valentine’s decorations, but also in gifts, arrangements, bouquets… The red rose has only one meaning and it is the same everywhere in the world.

Love and only love! These roses were a favorite of the goddess Aphrodite. The number has a meaning, of which a small amount is a sign of liking, and the bigger the bouquet, the greater the desire for love between these people.

2. Lotus

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They grow in ponds and swamps and are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. They are a symbol of regeneration, self-awareness, rebirth, recovery, and rehabilitation, the desire to start over, to leave the past behind, and to look to the bright future.

3. Carnation

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Many people adore them, but there are those who do not like them. However, this flower is a symbol of attention, of kindness, of something that is happening at the moment. Many believe that it does not symbolize lasting love and commitment, but still, such a gesture is really pure and clear.

4. Magnolia

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This is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, with a wonderful intoxicating scent, a symbol of spring and the awakening of nature, excitement, good intentions, and a pure heart. Rejoice if you receive a magnolia as a gift because there is no clearer symbol of sincerity and clear intentions.

5. Iris

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This flower has a royal color, it is impressive, inspiring, and it symbolizes wisdom and respect. If you receive a bouquet of iris, probably the one who gives it to you will respect you and think of it as a compliment.

6. Sunflowers

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Spanish sailors thought that these flowers were made of gold. Their value and symbolism are not very clear, but once it is a flower, it can not be bad, right? Many believe that they are the flowers of the false rich, but we do not like that interpretation, because it is a beautiful yellow plant that always follows the sun.

7. Hibiscus

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Flowers of beauty, especially if you are in Hawaii. Maybe out of there is just a plant that is used to prepare a delicious tea.

8. Chrysanthemum

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This is the flower of sincerity and clear intentions. It can also be a symbol of endurance, as it survives even in low temperatures and you can see it in its clear colors even in late autumn.

We have tried to include non-standard flower choices in this text, so you can learn more about the different meanings. However, even if we have infinitely much space on the Internet, we will never be able to create an article that will cover all the meanings. You now have the foundation, and it is up to you to further research and consult with professionals to make sure you have made the best choice.