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Guided Tours to Hawaii Now the Cost-Effective Way To Go

If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting the tropical paradise that is Hawaii, but didn’t have enough time or money to actually take a trip there, you should know that there is now a way to travel to Hawaii without the money you’d need for a plane ticket.  The Hawaii Parididididi Company has developed a new way for travelers to travel to Hawaii without having to pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars necessary to take a plane to Hawaii. This new way is called a Paridididi, and it is a tour bus that you can book online.  This company has been around for a while, but recently they have made a move to make their services even more cost effective by partnering with many other bus companies

Guides aren’t only for when you’re stuck in a cave or on a mountaintop. Today, you can take guided tours on the beach, all around town, and even to the islands.

Two years ago I made the mistake of booking a guided tour to Hawaii with a travel company that I thought would be cost-effective. I received a text message at 7:00am in the morning, telling me that my flight was canceled due to bad weather. I was devastated. Because of this, I was forced to purchase a flight to Hawaii with a different company, paying over 90% more than the price I would have paid had I booked the trip with my original travel agent.

According to Guy Young, president of Insight Vacations, a guided tour of Hawaii has become a highly cost-effective and pleasant method of visiting the state. While the 50th state isn’t usually thought of as an escorted tour location, the very high prices of booking Hawaii on your own, along with the COVID-19 atmosphere, make a tour the best option for customers, according to Young.

Young stated that the location is new for Insight. Since its sibling companies perform well there, the travel operator has been considering it for a long time. “It was excellent time for us,” he added, citing the increased emphasis on domestic travel. The first trips are scheduled for Jan. 15.


A seven-day Oahu-Maui trip and a 10-day program with three nights on the Big Island are available from Insight. In normal conditions, Young believes, Insight would be able to provide excellent value due to its large purchasing power. However, since the prices of car rentals, hotels, and other services have risen dramatically, that value is considerably higher.

Furthermore, prices are set well in advance and are guaranteed not to rise. According to a New York Times article, a rental vehicle scarcity has pushed up rental car rates by 75% compared to 2019 pricing. Ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft are also extremely expensive.

According to Young, Insight provides a “luxury” package that includes accommodations in 4/5-star coastal resorts, all transportation in Hawaii (including inter-island flights), the bulk of meals, and a variety of local activities. Prices start at $3,775 per person, double occupancy.

In addition, according to Young, Insight offers several components that decrease stress for passengers during COVID-19. One is a well-being director who joins the tour director and the driver on every trip of 20 or more people (which is almost all of them). According to Young, the well-being director ensures that all safety procedures are followed and that cleanliness requirements are met.

Young said, “We take away all the burden of traveling, such as needing to hire a vehicle, reserve meals, and keep on top of COVID limitations.”

Some visitors, according to Young, may see Hawaii as a “flop and drop” vacation, with the majority of their time spent relaxing on the beach or by the pool. However, he claims that there is so much to see and do on the islands, as well as so many fascinating excursions included with Insight, that it is worth revisiting. The itineraries, he emphasized, are “extremely balanced.” For example, on the second day of the tour, a morning excursion to Pearl Harbor is followed by an afternoon at leisure.

Kaanapali Beach from Black Rock, Maui, Hawaii (photo via 7Michael / iStock / Getty Images Plus) Black Rock, Maui, Hawaii, from Kaanapali Beach. (image courtesy of 7Michael/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

While Pearl Harbor is a must-see on any trip to Hawaii, Young says Insight will take customers to locations they wouldn’t be able to see on their own. Guests in Maui have the option of going on a dormant volcano excursion or a snorkeling vacation. Guests may also plant a native tree and then have a farm-to-table meal at a historic store that has been converted into a restaurant on that island. This is a collaboration between Insight’s parent business, The Travel Corporation, and TreadRight, a non-profit organization. They fall under the Make Travel Matter umbrella and are intended to benefit local communities.

Young concluded that the travel director and well-being director are with the group 24 hours a day, seven days a week, enabling visitors to relax and enjoy their vacation. “Being worry free is a key selling technique for advisers in this environment,” Young added.

Want to see Hawaii but don’t have a lot of time? No problem. Hawaii Explorer Tours offers special $99 one-way guided tours to Hawaii that can be done in just under 18 hours. The cost-effective tours let you see the best Hawaii has to offer without having to spend a lot of money getting there.. Read more about cheapest way to travel between hawaiian islands and let us know what you think.

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