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Don’t Fear Fat! Here’s the Documentary Cereal Killers

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In 2013, the Obesity Society released a report stating that a third of Americans were obese. This problem has come on so fast that the government has taken the step of adding “obese” to its list of official diseases, and the CDC announced that it is now considering a national strategy to combat the obesity epidemic.

This disturbing trend is more than just a health issue, though. When you eat enough food to gain weight, it takes a toll on your body. You may gain weight that is unhealthy and difficult to lose. In the documentary Cereal Killers, a team of health experts and nutritionists who wish to see a change in the way the American public views obesity explain the problems with dieting and losing weight.

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Cereal Killers is a documentary that’s making a splash. The film examines the ways in which we treat foods we love to eat as if they were poison, and instead, should be treated with the utmost respect. Every other month, thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer, and it’s becoming more and more apparent that many of these cancers are fueled by our consumption of too much sugar. The documentary Cereal Killers was made to explore the dangers of processed foods, and to help viewers understand the risks and benefits of a healthy diet.

In 2015, a firestorm erupted on the Internet after a video of a man who appeared to have almost no body fat, and was eating a full breakfast, went viral. The man, Dan Whaley, described himself as a “nutritionist, bodybuilder, and fat loss specialist.” But the response to his YouTube video was not positive. Comments on the post were largely negative, calling him a “sellout” and a “trickster,” and expressing their worry that he might be trying to manipulate people into losing weight from calorie restriction and over exercise.

Grain Killer, a documentary, has been made available online. It recounts the tale of Donal O’Neill, who follows a high-fat diet in order to avoid following in his heart-suffering father’s footsteps.

The hour-long documentary follows him through a four-week high-calorie diet, which includes a thorough medical checkup. In the 48th minute of the film, don’t miss the startled lab worker. Donal’s basal metabolic rate has risen, according to his tests, which the technician claims he’s never seen before and can’t explain why. Perhaps he should read a bit more.

Professor Tim Noakes of South Africa, Dr. Briffa of England, and the Australian cricket team all appear in the video.

For $5, it’s worth a look:



For years, I have been dogged by the fear that one day I would wake up and find myself fat. A few days ago, I finally realized it was time to face this fear head on.. Read more about cereal movie and let us know what you think.