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What is The Easiest and The Hardest Scholarship to Win in Florida

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Getting a scholarship is something every student dreams of. The ability to save money and reduce costs while studying sounds really tempting. Why not make this situation a little easier for your parents if they are financing you, or yourself in case you are working hard to earn money for your own education.

And there is also the option to direct the money you saved to other things that make you happy. All of this sounds very exciting, but we know that in practice it can be very difficult to get scholarships. In case you live in Florida and want to learn more about what is the hardest and the easiest scholarship to win, keep reading.

The easiest scholarship to win in Florida

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Rick Scott Jason Cooper Florida Ice Scholarship refers to an organization that provides scholarships to students who wish to attend any free art program. The only condition is that the desired program is part of an accredited American college or post-secondary institution.

In case you are interested in getting tuition for oral synchronization, there is a very easy way to apply and get a tuition fee of 1000$. All it takes is to record and upload a lip-syncing video. On their official website, you can watch numerous examples of lip-syncing videos where famous actors and singers show off their skills. This scholarship idea was inspired by Lip Sync Battle, starring LL Cool J and model Chrissy Teigen.

If you are talented in this field, we definitely suggest that you apply and try to win the 1,000$ Rick Scott J Cooper Florida Ice Scholarship. Although the competition may be tough, if you are talented and practice this skill you can become very good and significantly increase your chances of winning.

The hardest scholarship to win in Florida

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One of the prizes for earning tuition that has become very difficult to win since the spring of this year is the Bright Future Award which allows students to more easily pay tuition and tuition fees at state colleges and universities.

In 2019, Governor DeSantis signed a law that stipulates that high school students starting this year must earn 40 points more than in all previous years in order to secure the right to receive the Bright Future Awards and full tuition.

Other students who want to apply for a prize that covers 75% of tuition costs must earn 1,200 instead of 1,170 points, starting this year. It is believed that this will have the greatest impact on minority students coming from lower-income families.

Conclusion: In the state of Florida, various scholarships are offered that require certain conditions to be met in order to be eligible to pay a full scholarship or receive a certain amount of money for tuition.

Rick Scott J Cooper Florida Ice Scholarship is one of the easiest scholarships to win, considering that all it takes is to submit the best lip synch video. The Bright Future Awards, on the other hand, have become very challenging to win due to a change in the law regarding the necessary conditions for getting it in the previous two years.