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Cooking Keto with Dr. Sarah Hallberg

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Are you looking for a new way to lose weight and become healthy ? Have you tried the ketogenic diet but feel it’s too hard to stay on? You’re not alone. Even if you think you can handle a keto diet, you’re probably missing out on a huge opportunity to get healthy. Get ready to learn how to cook keto in the most delicious and easiest way possible.

I start all of my keto posts with a quick background on how my journey with ketosis began. My friend, Sarah Hallberg, was my inspiration. She was a real-life inspiration, not just a cookbook author. She went from being a prediabetic, high cholesterol, overweight, 40-year-old woman to a healthy, athletic, well-balanced 75-year-old.

I decided to write about her story after I had lost 50 pounds in the last year and a half and my diabetes had been controlled for almost a year. I wanted to share what we had learned together and how she motivated me to be more active and to eat better.

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People are always curious about what ketosis is, and now that I’ve made a lot of people aware of its existence, the most common question I get is “How does keto work?” Basically, when we’re in ketosis, our body starts to run on fat instead of glucose, and we do not store fat. We use fat for energy, instead of glucose, which is the type of sugar (or “blood sugar”) our cells use for fuel. This triggers a host of other changes to happen in our bodies, including:

The third episode of the fantastic culinary program Cooking keto with Kristie’s second season is now available! In this episode, Kristie is joined in the kitchen by Dr. Sarah Hallberg to make a wonderful low-carb meal.

Kristie and Sarah chat about low-carb subjects including how to cook low-carb for the family and how Sarah handles her patients at her clinic while cooking a Hallberg family staple, Lemon cream artichokes.

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Dr. Sarah Hallberg discusses keto cooking

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