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Best & Worst Blackjack Hands and How to Play Them

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Each of us sometimes decides to try our luck in online gambling. Simply because today we are offered a variety of platforms and games to choose from, and because gambling has never before been this accessible. We could say that there’s something for everyone’s taste. Whether you like those games that don’t involve much strategy or skills, like the slots, or you like to take on the more challenging ones. Those that require a bit more skills and strategy are those you have more control of winning, as the luck factor doesn’t play too much of a role.

Such games almost always include cards, and blackjack is the number one choice of those who like this type of online gambling. The reason is that the online version of the game, just like the live one, will require more math and strategy than luck. However, in order to make sure your skills will play an important role in the outcome, another factor should be taken into consideration, and that is the choice of a platform on which you will be gambling.

When evaluating the services of online casinos, there are certain factors to consider. For example: is it safe? Are there any bonuses for new and existing players? Can you play games on your mobile phone or tablet?

And some that serve as a guarantee you’ll be gambling safe. You’ll know this, by assessing the criteria we’ve listed below.

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Customer service

Our readers expect to be able to turn to a trusted customer support team when something is unclear or not working. They also expect a quick solution to any problems that arise. Evaluate the support teams of each casino to know exactly how to reach them and how effective their support actually is.


Guaranteed transaction security and personal data processing are essential for reliable virtual casinos. The top-listed casinos should have proof they’ve been checked by different institutions concerning this.


Every country has an administrative body that regulates online casinos. The ones listed on big dollar casino code meet all legal requirements and all have valid licenses. Any casino that has been found not to have a valid license has been removed from consideration.

When you finally decide on the platform you’ll be gambling on, you want to learn about the best and the worst hands of the game. Read what we’ve prepared below, on this topic.

Best hands

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The best one you’ll be aiming at getting every time you play is the blackjack. How will you know you’ve actually scored one? You’ll know it the moment you have the following cards in your hand: an ace and a ten, king, queen, or jack. You’ll be having a total of 21, guaranteeing you can’t be beaten. However, things can get complicated sometimes, and that happens when the dealer scores the same as you. Then it’s a tie. You do need to be super unlucky for this to happen, though.

Besides this, there is another good hand you may get, and that’s a hard 20. Two value ten cards. Here’s the point where you get fall into a temptation to split tens and play separate hands. However, you should rethink your decision, because you will be risking twice.

Scoring a hard 20 basically means you’re winning 80% of the time. We say 80% of the time because even in this scenario the dealer still has a chance to draw 21. So, pay attention to the cards he’s drawing. If he has, for example, two to six, then he has a good chance to climb to the top, and you should be worried. However, if he has an eight or a nine, the chances of you winning are still high. These are all things you need to learn to notice if you want to be able to choose a good strategy.

There are some other starting hands that are good to have. These are the situations when you have cards that combine to make ten, or eleven. Such situations get you closer to 20 or 21, which basically means there’s a chance you can win.

Worst hands

What you really don’t want to happen in this case is to have a starting hand of 16, while the dealer has 10. It’s very likely he will be scoring 20 before you, so you should rely on your luck to get you out of the situation as there are very little or no strategies at all that can pull you out.

The next tricky situation is when you have 16 against an ace or a 16 against a nine.

Why choose blackjack?

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Well, as we said earlier because online version of the game is not much different from its “live” version that you could see in casino movies or real physical casinos. In fact, it is no different at all.

Its charm (unlike its big casino brother – poker), lies in the fact that you play against the “house” or dealer (in the online version – the provider of the game/platform), and not other players. That way, you really depend on yourself, your knowledge, your ability, and your strategy.

As we said before, your goal is simple – to beat the dealer.


There are several ways. The main and best goal is to have 21 in the final total of your cards. The best way to achieve this goal is to “draw” natural blackjack in the two cards obtained. The only way to lose a hand like this is for the dealer to get a natural blackjack, in which case an equalizer is declared and you definitely get your bet back.

Another way to win in blackjack is if the dealer’s hand exceeds the sum of 21 before you (bust). Whoever breaks the limit of the sum of 21 is automatically declared the loser and the winnings are paid out to the participant who at that moment has a sum of cards below or equal to 21.