Texas Frightmare Weekend 2017

It was that time of year again, so my wife and I packed up and, along with our very good friends Hayes Hudson (from Hayes Hudson’s House of Horror) and his lovely wife April, trekked down to Dallas to attend the Texas Frightmare Weekend. Another friend of ours, Craig, met us at the hotel, and then our group proceeded to take TFW 2017 by storm!

TFW is always a bittersweet experience. We love going, and while there, we live in a dreamlike world of movie stars, writers, and talented artists. But when we come back home, we always feel “deflated” for a couple of days afterward as reality sinks back in. Pretty sad, huh? Maybe that means we were meant to live in Hollywood instead of Arkansas?

But enough drivel. Here are some highlights from our weekend. Enjoy!

Two living legends: Italian filmmaker Dario Argento and British actor Malcolm McDowell. We were standing in line to meet Argento when McDowell walked up to the filmmaker and gave him a hug. They conversed for a few moments, and then McDowell left for his table. As he left, he apologized to those of us in line for taking up the man’s time and making us wait a few minutes longer. We didn’t mind at all, but that shows you how classy these guys really are.

Me with the legendary filmmaker, Dario Argento.

I’m not sure who this guy was supposed to be, but I love the character.

Me, Hayes, and Craig, along with the infamous Charles Band, writer/director and the founder of Full Moon.

Me and director Robert Hall, the man responsible for such great horror films as LAID TO REST 1 & 2 and FEAR CLINIC.

This life-size Jane Doe cadaver doll was just one of the items up for auction at this year’s event. Wonderfully gruesome, isn’t it?

One of my favorite guests this year was Richard Brake, who GAME OF THRONES fans might recognize (well, maybe not without make-up) as The Night King. He was also Joe Chill in BATMAN BEGINS, but my favorite character he’s played was the sleazy soldier Portman in the movie DOOM.

Me with the beautiful and talented Stefania Casini, who played Sara in Dario Argento’s iconic film SUSPIRIA. Casini was so sweet and a real joy to talk to.

Last but certainly not least is me with filmmaker Frank Henenlotter, the mastermind behind such horror classics as FRANKENHOOKER, BRAIN DAMAGE, and BASKET CASE.

That’s about it! Had a great time and definitely looking forward to next year. For now, it’s back to life as usual.


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