Movie Review – Minutes Past Midnight (2017)

Minutes Past Midnight
Directed by Various Directors
Courtesy of Unstable Ground
Release Date: February 7, 2017

I never tire of anthologies, and I seriously doubt if I ever will. They are quick shots of entertainment that, if done right, can be fun and satisfying. On the flip side, if they are crappy in quality, then they are over fairly quickly and the viewer can move on to something else.

I’m very happy to report MINUTES PAST MIDNIGHT is an excellent foray into this short film territory, chocked full of a wide variety of terror and mayhem. The collection contains nine films, and they each have merit for inclusion here. With originality, humor, and several hefty slices of horror, this is a collection every horror fan will want to pick up soon.

If you are not familiar with MINUTES PAST MIDNIGHT, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of

As midnight falls, all manner of terror invades the Earth. Demons, cannibals, killers, ghosts and monsters swarm the world in these tales of the supernatural, the fantastic, and the just plain horrific. Featuring nine stories of horror, curated from Rue Morgue and Unstable Ground’s Little Terrors film festival.

This anthology contains a lot of talent, and I wager we will be seeing these filmmakers again in the future. In fact, a couple of these shorts have great set-ups for feature length films. I’d love to see how well they could be fleshed out with a bigger budget.

Each film in MINUTES PAST MIDNIGHT is a spectacle in its own right. They are all shot well, look great onscreen, and offer a nice assortment of entertainment options: from horror comedy to dramatic horror to downright, sweat-inducing terror. I will admit there are a few I enjoyed more than others, but that’s pretty much the case in every anthology I run across.

“Never Tear Us Apart” is a great looking short with a nice twist I didn’t see coming. It also has some of the best gore effects in the whole anthology.

“Awake” is a chilling look into a warped mind, but I don’t understand it completely. I think I know where the filmmaker was going, but I never fully made the connection. Still, this one will haunt you after its done.

“Crazy for You” is the story of a young man who falls in love with a woman, but a major obstacle is destined to keep them apart: the man is a serial killer. This witty short is a classic love story gone awry.

“The Mill at Calder’s End” is a Tim Burton-esque short that skillfully employs puppets to tell its tale. I like the visual style of this film and how it relays the story.

“Roid Rage” is a humorous story that jumps around a bit, but I like the play on words (you’ll have to watch it to understand). This also has some nice (albeit campy in places) gore.

“Timothy” regales a young boy’s obsession with a fictional television rabbit…and the unpleasantness that ensues when the boy’s babysitter discovers the rabbit is actually real. This one has some nice intensity.

“Horrific” is another humorous entry, however this one goes out of its way to be campy. In this story, a backwoods local is accosted by a pesky chupacabra, which results in a lot of broken furniture and bones.

My two favorites in this collection are “Feeder” and “Ghost Train.”

“Feeder” shows how the cost of success can be more than you bargained for at first. This film is moody and atmospheric, and the story is intense.

“Ghost Train” is a tale of two men who meet at an abandoned carnival ride at the same time every year to honor the loss of their friend, who vanished on the same ride years ago. This year, however, things take a different turn. This one is probably my absolute favorite because the ending is beyond shocking, and it still haunts me.

MINUTES PAST MIDNIGHT is a great collection of films, and I highly recommend it to horror fans of every caliber. It is available now.


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