Book Review – Nightwalk 2 by D. Nathan Hilliard

Nightwalk 2
by D. Nathan Hilliard
Courtesy of the author
Release Date: December 17, 2016

For anybody who has ever wondered what Hell on Earth might be like, allow me to introduce you to D. Nathan Hilliard’s NIGHTWALK books. I just finished the most recent release, which is book 2, and I have to say: Hilliard knows how to entertain, and then some! The concept he unravels in this one is simply brilliant, and it is an excellent complement to its predecessor. If you like original, inventive horror, give the NIGHTWALK books a try!

If you are not familiar with NIGHTWALK 2, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of the author:

Mark Garrett is about to go home again…
Two years have passed since the disaster at Coventry Woods, and Mark has made a good effort at recovering from the ordeal. He has published a new novel, replaced his lost belongings, and bought a new house in New Mexico. Life is finally moving on. He’s hidden the few scars that remain, and with Casey having left for college he looks forward to a comfortable future with his wife.

But the past is not done with Mark Garrett.

The enigmatic man in white has returned and announced the world is doomed. Another survivor of Coventry Woods has sealed its fate. The future’s only hope is for Mark to go back to that terrible night, and once again navigate his way through a death infested hell. Only this time he won’t be trying to escape. His mission is to intercept and kill a man he’s never met.

Now the clock is ticking as Mark races against a nuclear deadline. He must save the future, while at the same time trying to minimize his impact on a past that will not hesitate to eat him alive. And as he soon discovers, any change he makes can cause unexpected complications…especially when he gets stuck with the last travelling companion he would have ever wanted.

I had the honor of reviewing book one back in 2015 (click here to read that review), and I’m so, so glad I got to review this one as well. Indie authors sometimes have a hard time spreading the word about their work, therefore I’m always glad to help promote those titles that are worthy. Such is the case with Hilliard’s work; if you’ve never read him, get on the boat NOW! Check out Amazon or even his author page for details on ordering. And if you’re already a fan, then get ready for some fun…NIGHTWALK 2 is going to take you on a unique ride!

Just like every book before, NIGHTWALK 2 is written very well and flows at a nice pace. Hilliard does an excellent job of pulling the reader in from the start and never letting go.

The characters are once again vibrant and real. I mentioned in my review of book one that there are no stereotypes in the story; that statement is still true here. Too many books are ruined because of poor characterization. Thankfully, Hilliard has a firm grasp on making characters that readers will relate to and find interesting.

The story in NIGHTWALK 2 is absolutely amazing. I have to give major kudos to the author for coming up with such an original concept: the main character of a previous book reliving the same events, but from a different perspective…this is wildly fun, particularly when things don’t go as planned. As a result, although the scenario is technically the same, the happenings have a completely different outcome. I don’t want to go into details, as that will spoil the story. But needless to say, you’ll be captivated until the end!

NIGHTWALK 2 is another major win for me, and I CANNOT WAIT to see what Hilliard has in store for us avid fans next. NIGHTWALK 2 is available now in a variety of formats. Add this to your reading list now!


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