Graphic Novel Review – Escape From the Dead

Escape From the Dead
By Brad McCray, Sean Skelding, & Cliff Richards
Courtesy of Grind House Comics & Cheezy Flix
Release Date: Available Now

Despite the fact many horror fans and reviewers are giving up on the zombie genre, I still find it invigorating for the most part. Sure, for every great living dead book or movie you run across, there are a hundred others that suck…but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying to find them. Even a single diamond in the rough can pay off with incalculable wealth.

ESCAPE FROM THE DEAD is a recent graphic novel offering from Grind House Comics and Cheezy Flicks (yes, the movie company). I was just as surprised as you to discover Cheezy Flicks had their hands in other venues besides film, but I think it’s a definite win for them. There’s nothing wrong with diversifying your media interests, after all. ESCAPE FROM THE DEAD is not a perfect comic, but it’s very entertaining nonetheless and will make a great addition to any collector’s library.

If you are not familiar with ESCAPE FROM THE DEAD, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Grind House Comics:

One man. One mission. One million zombies.

Masquerading as a prisoner, Talon Moon returns to Earth with a mission that will determine the survival of the human race. To succeed he must survive an army of flesh-eating zombies and a well-armed enemy that knows his purpose.

Double-crossed at every turn, forced into unlikely alliances and unsure of his own sanity, Talon Moon must make decisions that will affect the future for all mankind.

Alone and running out of time, Talon Moon must free himself, save the world and escape from the dead!

ESCAPE FROM THE DEAD is science fiction/horror hybrid that boasts great artwork and an interesting storyline.

But even so, the execution lacks a little bit. For example, the course of the plot is disrupted in a couple of places because the narrative doesn’t quite flow like it should. The reader has to accept a few implied notions that cause a couple of head-scratching moments; thankfully, it’s not too difficult to jump back into the story, but I recall this happening to me at least twice.

The characters are certainly fun, though. I particularly like Weasel. He’s such a bizarre and messed up individual, you can’t help but like him. Well, “like” is perhaps too strong of a word…maybe I should say, “…you can’t help but be entertained by him.”

If you look past its flaws, ESCAPE FROM THE DEAD is a fun read, and I do recommend it. The pages contain some great, vivid gore, and the finale has a nice resolve to it. This graphic novel is available now in both digital and hardcopy formats.


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