Blu-ray Movie Review – Love Camp 7 (1969)

Love Camp 7
Directed by R. L. Frost
Courtesy of Blue Underground & CAV Distributing
Original Year of Release: 1969
Blu-ray Release Date: January 31, 2017

When reviewing LOVE CAMP 7, I took into consideration the time period in which it was released. I had to do this because, frankly, the movie is very tame compared to today’s standards. But back in the day, I can see where it was considered extremely obscene.

From what I understand, this film basically ushered in the Nazisploitation era, and therefore it should be heralded as a cult classic. It’s a lot of fun, too, though; I found myself chuckling and cringing throughout. And regardless of whether you are fan of exploitation films or not, there’s simply too much quality here not to enjoy.

If you are not familiar with LOVE CAMP 7, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Blue Underground & CAV Distributing:

The story of LOVE CAMP 7 is based on fact! During the darkest days of World War II, two young American WAC officers volunteer to infiltrate a Nazi Love Camp on a desperate rescue mission. Once inside, they are subjected to horrid humiliations at the hands of their captors. Can they survive long enough to complete their objective and escape with their lives intact?

Launching the Nazisploitation craze of the 1970s, LOVE CAMP 7 was the dream child of Writer/Producer/Star Bob Cresse (THE SCAVENGERS), Producer Dave Friedman (BLOOD FEAST), and Director/Cinematographer Lee Frost (THE BLACK GESTAPO). Blue Underground presents the original version of LOVE CAMP 7 in a brand-new 4K restoration from its recently discovered camera negative!

Ok, I don’t know if this film is really based on fact or not, but it is fun to think that it is. Still, I can very easily see instances like this occurring during the war, and as such, this is a very feasible scenario.

LOVE CAMP 7 is shot fairly well, but the movie looks great onscreen. The HD transfer looks excellent, and I love how vivid the picture quality is. Likewise, the sound quality is top notch as well.

The acting is basically atrocious…but you don’t watch exploitation films to see stunning performances. As such, it is completely forgivable. Maria Lease and Kathy Williams do a decent job as the WAC officers charged with infiltrating the Love Camp. But everybody else, particularly those actors portraying the German officers, is terrible.

The story in LOVE CAMP 7 is interesting, especially if it is actually based on true events. But even so, the middle drags a bit. Just slightly, but enough to warrant mention here. Again, though…this is exploitation, so you just forgive it and move on.

As I mentioned, the film is very tame when compared to those made today. Granted, there is quite a bit of nudity (mostly from the waist up), but the shock value is no longer there. The atrocities to which the women are subjected are not shown onscreen for the most part (the worst we see is a woman who is set atop a wooden device known as the Seat of Honor, a device intended to torture her nether-region), and the worst carnage we see is a little bit of blood.

But even so, LOVE CAMP 7 is a win for me, and I recommend this gem from decades gone by for anybody who likes exploitation or grindhouse films. The Blu-ray has some very nice Special Features that include:

Special Features:
• Theatrical Trailer
• Poster & Still Gallery
• BONUS Collectable Booklet featuring The History of Nazi-Exploitation by Paolo Zelati

The film is available now.


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