TV Show Review – Vikings, Season 4 (Volume 1)

Vikings, Season 4 (Volume 1)
Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment & MGM
Release Date: October 4, 2016


In this day and age, where almost everything has a TV show, I’m always glad to see original programming gain popularity. Granted, unique shows seem few and far between, but those that break out of the standard genre rut shine like beacons in the dark. As such, these titles usually gain a cult following that continues to grow long after the final episode has aired.

I am predicting this is what will happen to VIKINGS.

VIKINGS is one of those rare shows that pops with originality but still manages to stay grounded. Brutal and unforgiving, the show is an enthralling drama that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. And if its fans are half as unyielding as its main character, King Ragnar, then this series will live in infamy forever.

If you are not familiar with VIKINGS, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment:

Take another gripping voyage into the ruthless world of Vikings, with its thrilling action, powerful performances and intriguing story line. King Ragnar returns from battle gravely ill. Disheartened by his marriage to Aslaug and challenges with his sons, Ragnar seeks companionship with his slave, Yidu. Meanwhile, a defiant Rollo remains in Frankia, Queen Kwenthrith plots to reclaim Mercia, and the enigmatic Harald Finehair appears. Ultimately, Ragnar and Rollo engage in a merciless battle to define their legacies.

Season four moves at a very nice clip and continues the plotline started in season three. Just like its predecessors, this season is rife with tension and action, a perfect combination of both.

VIKINGS is shot well and looks great onscreen. The production value appears high, and every episode has a feature-length film look to it. I don’t know what the budget is for the show, but the crew is spending the money wisely, it would seem. The Blu-ray picture is crisp and looks great in HD.

The acting in VIKINGS is excellent. Travis Fimmel gives an outstanding performance as Ragnar, and he is supported by a top-notch cast. Many noteworthy names jump off the cast list, including Maude Hirst, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, and Gustaf Skarsgard.

But the most compelling component of the show is the drama. I had major misconceptions about VIKINGS until I actually sat down and watched a couple of episodes. Much like GAME OF THRONES and THE WALKING DEAD, the genre-specific aspect (in this case, the historical barbarian) is only a backdrop on which the characters and their interactions unfold.

Don’t get me wrong: there’s plenty of action as well. The battle scenes are tight and gritty, much like I imagine they were back then. And even the special effects look good. There’s not an excessive amount of gore or blood, but what we do see is very well done.

VIKINGS SEASON FOUR is a major win for me, and I highly recommend it. If you’re new to the show, start at season one and catch up as quickly as you can. And if you’ve been watching all along, I’m sure you’ll agree the fourth season is just as much a hit as the first. Season Four, Volume One is available now, so snag your copy today.


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