Horror Pack Monthly Subscription Box Service

There’s a new staple of pop culture that has arisen over the past several years, and it’s quickly gaining popularity: monthly subscription box services. If you are not familiar with this concept, it’s basically a program where you pay a small monthly fee, and in return the company sends you a “mystery” box each month. From what I’ve seen, there’s a subscription box for just about everything: underwear, wine, collectibles…even make-up!

Thankfully, there are subscription services for us horror fans as well. Some send collector’s items and unique merchandise, while others send movies and books. Horror Pack is one of these quality movie vendors, and I have to say: they are well-worth the investment!

They recently sent me a Blu-ray Horror Pack, and here are its contents:


These are all new Blu-rays, and the titles will change every month. Each plan sends you four movies at a time (which are yours to keep), and the price decreases for longer subscriptions. Here is a breakdown of the subscription plans:

1-month plan – $24.99/month for 4 horror Blu-rays
3-month plan – $24.24/month for 4 horror Blu-rays each month for 3 months (you save $2.23)
6-month plan – $23.49/month for 4 horror Blu-rays each month for 6 months (you save $9.00)
12-month plan – $22.74/month for 4 horror Blu-rays each month for 12 months (you save $27.00)

The shipping is free for ALL plans, and the 12-month plan comes with a special bonus surprise. Horror Pack even throws in some Limited Edition items from time to time, which will make your monthly surprise even more surprising!

If DVDs are more your style, have no fear; Horror Pack offers a DVD service as well. Click on the link below to visit their website for more information.

Horror Pack is an excellent subscription service, and you get a lot for your money. If you price the movies I received above on Amazon, the total cost comes to more than $41.00…and that’s not including shipping!

Give yourself an early Christmas present, and start your subscription with Horror Pack today! (You know you’ve earned it!)

Horror Pack Subscription Box Service


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