TV Show Review – Limitless, season 1

Limitless, season 1
Courtesy of CBS Home Entertainment
Release Date: September 6, 2016


Much to my wife’s chagrin, I will confess I have not seen the movie LIMITLESS, on which this show is based. She has been wanting me to watch it for months, however I have always found an excuse to keep from it. I’m not sure why, either, because she assures me it’s a great film. But, when I had the opportunity to review the TV show on DVD, I figured I could start with it and then move on to Bradley Cooper’s big screen version.

I’m really glad I gave it a look, too. LIMITLESS season 1 is an epic show, and I’m very surprised it was canceled. It has solid writing, a great cast, and an intensity that rivals THE BLACKLIST. From what I understand (as of today’s date), Netflix is still trying to decide if it will pick LIMITLESS up or not. I hope they do…I’d love to see this series continue.

If you are not familiar with the LIMITLESS television show, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of CBS Home Entertainment:

After an old friend introduces him to a dangerous new pill called NZT-48, aimless twenty-something Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) is able to use every part of his brain, making him the smartest person alive when he is on the drug. Utilizing his enhanced abilities, Brian helps FBI agent Rebecca Harris (Jennifer Carpenter, Dexter) with her caseload, as well as attempting to track down the deadly drug’s manufacturer and figure out why Brian is the only person immune to its fatal side effects. Making matters more complicated is the involvement of mysterious U.S. Senator Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper, American Sniper), who may have more at stake than expected. Based on the hit movie, this action-packed first season continues the film’s pulse-pounding story and never lets up!

If the movie is half as good as this TV show, then I’m going to have to watch it soon. I knew from the pilot that I was going to enjoy the series, and sure enough, I’m hooked. I guess I should use this review as an open platform on which to beg its continuance.

LIMITLESS is shot well and appears to have a high production budget. Each episode is intense and interesting; I am impressed with the diversity of topics in the episodes as well…the premises never get stale. I also like how the main character is not the same one from the movie. I never like how TV shows usually don’t get the same actors to portray the characters from the film versions; it throws me off for some reason. But that’s not an issue here. The story incorporates the film character in an indirect way, but otherwise it’s basically a stand-alone series.

The acting is very good, with Jake McDorman portraying the lead, Brian. McDorman plays a great “everyman”, which is what this role needed. He is joined by a great cast that includes Jennifer Carpenter, who made a big splash with me in DEXTER, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and Hill Harper.

LIMITLESS is a great show, and I hope, hope, hope another network (or Netflix or Hulu) picks it up. The season finale was great, and I would love to see where the series could go from there. For now, I’ll have to suffice with season 1. I highly recommend this show, and I suggest you check it out. Even if it only stays with a singular season, it’s great nonetheless.


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