Blu-ray Movie Review – Fairy Tales (1978)

Fairy Tales
Directed by Harry Hurwitz (as Harry Tampa)
Courtesy of Full Moon Features
Original Year of Release: 1978
Blu-ray Release Date: August 18, 2016


I’m going to start off by stating this up front: if you’ve never experienced this FAIRY TALES film, then you MUST buy it immediately and watch it. The movie is a raunchy musical-comedy that entertains on several levels, and it does not disappoint when it comes to fun. I first saw this back in the late 80s, courtesy of Joe Bob Briggs Drive-In Theater, and I loved it. Of course, I was a teen back then, so I loved ANYTHING with nudity. But despite the nice scenery, FAIRY TALES is chocked full of wildly vivid characters, gut-busting humor, and even some cult-classic musical numbers that will haunt your mind for years to come (I can still sing Little Bo Peep’s song, word for word!). The result is a great flick that offers hours of entertainment.

If you are not familiar with FAIRY TALES, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Full Moon Features:

Restored from its original 35mm negative, and released on Blu-ray, Fairy Tales is a titillating delight from the legendary Charles Band (Cinderella). Someday, her prince will COME! Little Bo Peep, Old King Cole, Little Tommy Tucker, Snow White, and many others, have all grown up and are ready for action! These enchanting characters from beloved nursery rhymes sing, dance, lust, and romance their way through this hilarious, naughty, and twisted tale where music, mirth, and merriment are the rule of the day. In a clothing optional land of make believe where everything is possible! See “Scream Queen” Linnea Quigley star in her first feature role in this erotic musical funfest!!

One of the reasons this film is so much fun is due to the fact that legendary filmmaker Charles Band produced it. I’ve sung Band’s accolades for years, and I still owe him a debt of gratitude for making so many films that helped me through my adolescent years. I’m not sure how involved he was with the making of this film, but I’ll bet he had a definitive hand in it.

FAIRY TALES is very dated, which is evident from the costumes and the dialogue, but that’s part of what makes it so much fun. For example, Sy Richardson plays the pimp, Sirus, who showed The Little Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe how to turn her daughters for tricks. Sirus’ dialogue is riotous and filled with slang from that particular time period. BUT IT WORKS! For some reason, it really clicks with the setting and the scenes, making them hilarious to both watch and hear.

The rest of the cast does a great job as well. Don Sparks gives an interesting performance as the oblivious Prince, while Angela Aames shines as the perky Little Bo Peep. Scream-queen Linnea Quigley even makes her film debut here, as the Dream Girl the Prince lusts after. But, by far my favorite performance is given by Robert Staats, who plays Tommy Tucker, the Shoe of Pleasure’s doorman/pitchman. Staats gives amazing life to the role, and I cackled at each scene in which he appeared.

The HD restoration of the film looks amazing. As I mentioned, I saw this back in the day, and it was a grainy mess. But thanks to the enhancements, the picture is crisp and the colors are vibrant. Likewise, the sound is impressive, too. Now, viewers can enjoy the crazy soundtrack in stereo!

FAIRY TALES is a huge win for me, and I highly recommend it. It’s a campy, dirty take on Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and it is tons of fun. Just make sure you’re not offended by nudity; if you are, steer clear. But if you can look past it, then you’re in for a treat.


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  1. Saw this movie many times when I was young. I believe it was constantly shown on one of the cable channels, HBO or Showtime. I recorded it and watched it over and over because of one character, the doorman, Robert Staats. Till this day I repeat most of his lines, “8×10 color glossy pictures shrunk to wallet size…now you know why they call her mother goose.” Somewhere on the internet there is a site with just his scenes of that movie. Been trying to get a copy of the movie, the full version, but it seems impossible.

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