Movie Review – Hotel Inferno (2016)

Hotel Inferno
Directed by Giulio de Santi
Courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing and MVD Distribution
Release Date: June 28, 2016


I’m pretty sure this review is going to make a few readers roll their eyes, but they’ll just have to go with it. I’ll start off by stating up front: I loved HOTEL INFERNO. It is a blast, and it’s very entertaining. Not to mention it has loads of gore. What more can you ask from a horror movie?

The premise and the way the film is shot are going to dissuade a lot of people from watching it, but I recommend giving it a chance. Although, I will give this warning: if movies like THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT or games like CALL OF DUTY make you motion-sick, you’ll definitely want to steer clear of this one. But you’re like me and can handle it, then you’re in for a real treat with HOTEL INFERNO.

If you are not familiar with HOTEL INFERNO, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing & MVD:

The World’s First POV action horror movie. Hitman Frank Zimosa is hired for a lucrative mission by a rich client. The objective: kill two people in a hotel. But this simple job soon becomes a nightmare as an army of insane henchmen and monsters are waiting for him, all under the control of an ancient and unstoppable demon – now Frank must fight his way out with any weapon he can get his hands on.

Now, with all of that being said, this is not a perfect film. In fact, it has some glaring flaws. But look past them, take the movie for what it is, and you’ll have a great time.

HOTEL INFERNO is shot well, particularly for being a first-person POV. This is not a found-footage film, but rather a real-time “see-it-as-it-happens” movie. I love this aspect, as it immerses you in the action. This is the very reason I love to play first-person POV video games; you get to experience the thrills as if you were right there.

The acting is so-so, not really spectacular, especially since the two main characters are basically voiceovers. We obviously never see the face of the protagonist, but we do get to hear him speak; and I have to say his voice isn’t very pleasant to hear. It sounds as if he can’t make up his mind as to which accent to use. The antagonist, however, does a great job despite not being seen, and I greatly enjoyed his performance.

The special effects in HOTEL INFERNO are fantastic. The creatures and henchmen look nasty and grotesque, and there’s buckets of gore to go around. Peter Jackson would be proud! Granted, a couple of the headshots look animated, but they are blended with practical effects, so the resulting carnage is stunningly good. My sole complaint about the effects is the lack of originality when it comes to the big, bad female demon/monster. She is very anti-climactic (I was expecting something monumentally huge and evil), and the sparks she spits look like fireworks. This isn’t a huge detraction for me, but I certainly feel it work mentioning.

The actual story is a bit choppy, and the viewer is forced to make a few deductions here and there that are never confirmed. I found it to be an interesting premise, but the execution lacks a bit. Some of the plot is hard to follow here and there, but the end pretty much ties everything together.

Despite its flaws, however, HOTEL INFERNO is a damn good time, and I loved almost every minute of it. I haven’t seen HARDCORE HENRY yet, but I would wager this film will top it in my book; I seriously doubt HH will have anywhere near the thrills or gore that HOTEL INFERNO does. I recommend this one, and I suggest you give it a look next week. It hits store shelves Tuesday, so make a note.


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