Book Review – The Invasion by Brett McBean

The Invasion
by Brett McBean
Courtesy of Sinister Grin Press
Release Date: May 15, 2016

the invasion

Home invasions are one of the most terrifying concepts for me, in both real life and the horror genre. Our homes are supposed to be a place of safety and security, a place we can relax and get away from everyone and everything. So the idea of an intruder violating such a space is absolutely horrific.

Author Brett McBean taps into this primal feeling with his latest book, THE INVASION, which was released last month by Sinister Grin Press. Regardless of whether or not home invasions are something you worry about now, I guarantee you’ll be concerned after reading this book.

If you are not familiar with THE INVASION, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Sinister Grin Press:

It was supposed to be a quiet end to a long day: five close-knit family and friends settling in for some much-needed sleep after coming together for an early Christmas party. Instead, it’s the beginning of a shocking night of brutality when six intruders break into the sprawling residence of Debra Hillsboro, a middle-aged romance novelist with a fierce devotion to her loved ones and a strong kinship with her home of almost thirty years. Armed with smartphones and a modern brand of madness, the intruders – an internet-age cult disconnected from humanity and addicted to causing fear and mayhem – have come to the secluded property for one purpose: to terrorize, and ultimately kill, everyone inside all while filming their heinous crimes. Outnumbered and cut off from the outside world, the terrified occupants find themselves trapped in a fight for survival as a once place of safety is turned into a deadly maze of darkened rooms and forbidding hallways. On this sweltering summer night, they must somehow find a way to escape before the cult turns the beloved home into a house for the dead.

I like home invasion movies like THE STRANGERS and STRAW DOGS, but I wasn’t sure if a book could have the same impact as the visual horror of the films. My doubts were erased with THE INVASION. This tale is a visceral thriller that will make you triple-check your windows and doors at night before you go to bed.

THE INVASION is written well and flows at a nice, crisp pace. McBean does a great job of measuring out tension between the pages, and the result is a steady-paced, intense read.

The characters in THE INVASION are fleshed out well and believable. I particularly like Debra, as the main character. Despite the circumstances playing out in the book, she is still strong. The reader is given many glimpses inside her head, and I like how her mind works. I also like the villains, as well. They are perfect for this day and age. I am surprised we have not seen techno-psychos like these antagonists in real life headlines.

The plot is both feasible (for the most part) and chilling. I ran across only two scenes that didn’t strike a chord with me, but the rest are gut-wrenching and horrifying. The acts of violence these characters have to endure will make you cringe.

THE INVASION is an excellent read, and I highly recommend it. The book made me uneasy each time I read it at night, and a couple of times I left my bedroom to double-check locks and security lights…just in case. McBean paints a terrifying and realistic picture of brutality with this book, and I cannot wait to see what he has in store for us next. THE INVASION is available now in a variety of formats.


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