Movie Review – Bloody Wednesday (1987)

Bloody Wednesday
Directed by Mark G. Gilhuis
Courtesy of Film Chest Media
Original Year of Release: 1987
DVD Release Date: April 19, 2016

bloody wed

When I heard this film was based on actual events that happened in the early 80s, I was instantly intrigued. After all, the horrors of real life make excellent foundations on which to base thrillers and horror movies. Interestingly, the film is a mishmash of both good and bad aspects. The result is a lackluster film that drags in the middle, but boasts one heck of an ending.

If you are not familiar with BLOODY WEDNESDAY, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Film Chest Media:

In BLOODY WEDNESDAY, Harry Curtis (Raymond Elmendorf) begins an inexplicable descent into madness. Haunted by ghosts and harassed by neighborhood thugs, his reality becomes increasingly distorted and his behavior ever more odd. Isolated by mental illness, he feels abandoned by humanity, his only friend a talking teddy bear … and when he loses his job, his dark and evil descent accelerates…

Before I continue with this review, I feel I must warn you up front: the picture quality of this film is very grainy and sometimes blurry. I’m not sure if the transfer did not take or if this is a copy from the VHS, but I did not like it regardless. I wouldn’t let this dissuade you from buying the film, but I do see this as something I must mention.

BLOODY WEDNESDAY is shot decently for the most part, yet the camerawork does not offer anything new or inventive. The cinematography is used to tell the story, and that’s it.

The acting is so-so, with Raymond Elmendorf giving a decent performance as the main character, Harry. This was Elmendorf’s first lead role, and according to his IMDB page, it was his last. I don’t know if this role was the reason for his decline in Hollywood (he went on to be an extra in one more film, and then his career ended), but I’m sure it didn’t help things. The rest of the cast is forgettable, and nobody really gives a breakout performance.

The storyline of BLOODY WEDNESDAY is interesting, and yet I don’t feel the writer fully fleshes out Harry and who he is. Sure, we get to see his mental decline, but his interactions with the imaginary images are almost comical sometimes. Granted, the snake was intense, but everything else is simplistic and tame. I don’t consider what we get to see onscreen enough to force a mental breakdown.


…I will state the last few minutes of the film are excellent and crazy-intense. As the massacre played out onscreen, I found myself enthralled. The brutality of the scene and the senselessness of the carnage heighten the horror, and the viewer is left almost in a state of awe.

Because of the awesome ending, I have to recommend BLOODY WEDNESDAY to fans of thrillers and mild horror. While this is not a great film, it still offers a decent viewing experience (except for the picture quality), and is worthy of a look. The film is available now.


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