Movie Review – Star Knight (1985)

Star Knight
(AKA El Caballero del Dragon)
Directed by Fernando Colomo
Courtesy of Cheezy Flicks
Original Year of Release: 1985
DVD Release Date: November 19, 2010


I know what you’re thinking: you are wondering why I would bother reviewing a movie with the title of STAR KNIGHT. I mean, let’s face it…the title screams “80’s crappiness”. In my defense, I chose to review the movie because it boasted a couple of iconic film names, particularly Klaus Kinski and Harvey Keitel. I enjoy both actors immensely, and I figured they wouldn’t steer me wrong.

Boy, did I miss the mark on that assumption.

STAR KNIGHT is downright terrible, but it definitely deserves a plot of honor in the Cheezy Flicks library. I wish I could say I had fun with this one, but certain aspects of it were almost too painful to endure.

If you are not familiar with STAR KNIGHT, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Cheezy Flicks Entertainment:

In a time of wizards and dragons, a mystic quest brings a distant traveler to a place called Earth!

It is the dark ages. Knights patrol the countryside, Kings make the rules, and princesses go silently about their royal duties. Princesses, that is, who aren’t Princess Alba (Maria Lamor). When Princess Alba is apparently abducted by a dragon, it’s up to Klever (Harvey Keitel) to save her. What Klever finds, however, is not a dragon at all – but a strange beast-like craft from the stars – a craft with an occupant, a humanoid alien from another planet. Things heat up when, during Princess Alba’s rescue, Klever gets closer to the alien than he ever expected – and learns that Alba isn’t being held against her will after all – she is in love with the strange, futuristic traveler.

I actually think the premise of this film sounds good, and it could be an entertaining movie IF it were done the right way, with the right director. Unfortunately, this project never should have been greenlit from the start.

STAR KNIGHT is shot decently and looks pretty good onscreen. The cinematography offers nothing outstanding, however it doesn’t detract from the film.

The acting is particularly terrible, and I have to shake my head in regard to Keitel’s and Kinski’s characters. Both are annoying, although Kinski’s is definitely the lesser of the two. Keitel’s dialogue is atrocious, and I cannot believe he agreed to do it. Why they have him speaking like a character from Shakespeare while everybody else sounds normal, I’ll never understand, but it really gets old fast. Kinski, on the other hand, delivers a cardboard performance that makes me wonder if he was contractually obligated to be in the film and therefore cared nothing about it.

The special effects are surprisingly good for the most part. I am impressed with what the production team was able to accomplish for that time period, given the lack of CGI and whatnot. I particularly like the alien ship when it takes off and lands; it reminded me (for some reason) of the Nostromo from ALIEN.

STAR KNIGHT is schlocky 80’s sludge that I cannot recommend watching. The only saving grace for the film are the special effects, and they are very few and far between. I’d steer clear of this, unless you must have it to complete your Keitel or Kinski collection.


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