Movie Review – Black Mountain Side (2016)

Black Mountain Side
Directed by Nick Szostakiwskyj
Courtesy of Monarch Entertainment
Release Date: January 26, 2016


When I got the DVD of BLACK MOUNTAIN SIDE in the mail, I was very intrigued. The cover art definitely screams “Watch me!”, and the premise itself is enough to draw my interest. But when I read the quote from Film School Rejects on the back, I immediately classified this as a must see. The quote says, “A beautifully shot, creepy love letter to John Carpenter’s THE THING.” If you were not aware already, THE THING is one of my Top Five Greatest Horror Movies of All Time. Thus, I HAD to see if this film could do that one justice.

I’m happy to report BLACK MOUNTAIN SIDE is an excellent tribute to Carpenter’s masterpiece. Moody and atmospheric, director Nick Szostakiwskyj does a superb job of building tension and terror. In short, this is a film every horror fan will want to check out soon.

If you are not familiar with BLACK MOUNTAIN SIDE, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Monarch Entertainment:

Canada’s remote wilderness becomes a chilly catalyst for terror as a group of archaeologists uncover a strange structure buried in the snow. As paranoia and mistrust take hold, the researchers turn on each other, encouraged by visions of a mysterious figure lurking at the fringes of the woods. Is the terror real or a hallucination? Whatever they’ve unleashed is a powerful force they may never comprehend…if they survive.

BLACK MOUNTAIN SIDE is shot very well and looks excellent onscreen. I really wish this film had been given a Blu-ray release, as the cinematography captures the bleak landscape perfectly, and I’d love to see it in HD. Still, it looks very good on DVD nonetheless.

The acting is impressive as well. I am not familiar with any of the cast, however they are a talented group. I can certainly see them in future projects, and I hope to do just that.

BLACK MOUNTAIN SIDE has only a few special effects, but those we see look good. I particularly like the antlered being that speaks to the men individually. It is an imposing figure, and its voice will chill you to the grave.

The horror within the film is edgy and tense. And just like THE THING, the mystery unravels in parallel to the scares, giving the viewer a first-rate jaunt into terror.

BLACK MOUNTAIN SIDE is a huge win for me, and I highly recommend it. The film is available now on DVD and VOD, so give it a look for sure.


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