Blu-ray Movie Review – Subspecies 3: Bloodlust (1994)

Subspecies 3: Bloodlust
Directed by Ted Nicolaou
Courtesy of Full Moon Features
Original Year of Production: 1994
Blu-ray Release Date: May 21, 2013


I sometimes wonder if certain directors can read my mind. These directors seem to have a direct link to my brain because they know exactly what I want in terms of movies. Director Ted Nicolaou is one of these fabled few. He is responsible for one of my favorite corn-ball, horror gore-flicks from the 80s, TERRORVISION. But he’s also the mastermind behind the SUBSPECIES series, a gothic vampire tale that is actually shot in Transylvania. And if you have lost faith in vampires, give Nicolaou a try. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

SUBSPECIES 3: BLOODLUST is the most recent Blu-ray release in the series, and the fine folks at Full Moon Direct have done a marvelous job of bringing it to life in HD.

If you are not familiar with SUBSPECIES 3: BLOODLUST, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Full Moon Features:

Radu (Anders Hove) has been destroyed, and Michelle (Denice Duff) has been captured by Radu’s vile mother, Mummy. Mummy uses sorcery to bring Radu back to life, then magically transports them back to Castle Vladislas to escape their mortal pursuers: Michelle’s sister Rebecca (Melanie Shatner), Mel Thompson of the U.S. Embassy (Kevin Blair), and Lt. Marin of the Bucharest police (Ion Haiduc).

Radu’s obsession with Michelle undermines his power over her. She manipulates him into teaching her the secrets of vampire existence and how to harness her vampiric powers. Once she learns to survive on her own, she intends to destroy him. But Michelle’s plan is thwarted when Rebecca storms the castle with the help of a CIA operative armed with an arsenal of silver bullets. Driven insane by Mummy’s demands and his weakening hold on Michelle, Radu makes a fatal mistake that leads to a climactic standoff on the high walls of the castle.

I am again impressed with how this film picks up literally just minutes after SUBSPECIES 2 ends. The continuity is superb, although they probably shot these two films back-to-back to preserve that aspect. Still, it makes for a great film experience.

SUBSPECIES 3: BLOODLUST is shot well and the HD transfer looks great onscreen. Great care seems to have been taken in the restoration of the film; I saw a DVD version of this a while back, and the picture quality was nowhere near as good as this. I tip my hat to Full Moon for their efforts.

The acting, again, is great with Anders Hove and Denice Duff reprising their roles. Hove continues to shine as Radu. The man has an amazing ability to act and sound the way I imagine a centuries-old bloodsucker would.

The special effects are very good as well, and we get more gore than the previous film. I have to brag about the stop motion effects used for the little demon-imps. For being a lower budget picture, the effects look awesome, and you can hardly tell it is stop motion.

SUBSPECIES 3: BLOODLUST is another big win for Full Moon, and I recommend it. The Blu-ray is available now. To see it and the rest of Full Moon’s massive catalog, click the link below.

Full Moon Direct website


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