Shattered Ravings presents The Best Books and Movies of 2015

Over the past couple of weeks, several readers have asked me for input on my favorite books and movies of 2015. The questions made me start thinking hard; what did I really, really like? Obviously, I’ve never really thought about ‘Tops of the Year’ lists before, but this year I decided to give it a try. So, without further ado…

For 2015, I reviewed 45 books. I consider this an impressive feat, as it equals almost a book a week. Since I’m a stay-at-home dad, AND a writer, AND I wear a multitude of other hats, I look at 45 as a monumental accomplishment; however, I am going to try and top that next year. Here are the tops of 2015 for me in literature:

Top Five Books of 2015

5. Wolf Land by Jonathan Janz (Horror)

4. Grunt Life by Weston Ochse (Science Fiction)

3. Tales of the Bastard Drunk by D. M. Woon (Horror)

2. Kronos Rising by Max Hawthorne (Horror)

1. Beyond the Nightlight by various authors (Horror Anthology)

As for movies, I only reviewed 143 titles (if my record-keeping is correct). I admit I am disappointed by this number, as it only equals out to a couple of movies a week. I am going to try to raise this number for 2016 as well.

Picking five films to mark as the best of the year was VERY difficult. I saw many good flicks, but in the end I had to look at overall entertainment. Here are the tops of 2015 for me in movies:

Top Five Movies of 2015

5. The Green Inferno (Horror)

4. Time Lapse (Science Fiction)

3. Society (Horror)

2. Cooties (Horror/Comedy)

1. Blood Punch (Horror)

That’s it for me. Love it or hate it, these lists encapsulate some of my greatest entertainment from 2015. See you next year.


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