Movie Review – Lily Grace: A Witch Story (2015)

Lily Grace: A Witch Story
Directed by Wes Miller
Courtesy of Midnight Releasing
Release Date: November 3, 2015


Last month, I reviewed a Midnight Releasing film titled BLOOD PUNCH which I proclaimed to be in the running for Best Horror Movie of the Year. With this month’s title, however, I have to move to the opposite end of the spectrum. While LILY GRACE: A WITCH STORY is not the worst movie I’ve seen this year, it will certainly not garner any accolades from me.

If you are not familiar with LILY GRACE: A WITCH STORY, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Midnight Releasing:

After the death of his estranged father, Ron returns to his childhood home. His first night there he is visited by a supernatural being. Haunted by feelings of guilt, convinced this entity has something to do with his father’s passing, he stays to uncover the truth behind the witch named Lily Grace.

I really wanted to like this film. I think witches and warlocks are a very underrated horror genre, and I love fiction and films that do them justice. Unfortunately, this film never reaches that level.

The cinematography in LILY GRACE: A WITCH STORY is decent, however the picture quality looks grainy and cheap. This would be forgivable if the story was enthralling, however the plot leaves a lot to be desired. As a result, the film suffers visually and story-wise.

The acting is not terrible, yet I don’t think any of the cast will be winning awards anytime soon. Nobody gives a breakthrough performance, but they all do a satisfactory job with their roles.

The special effects are pretty good for the most part. The makeup job for the witch looks pretty creepy, and it stands the up-close test. There’s not really any gore to speak of, which is a shame; decent carnage might have saved this film for me.

The story in LILY GRACE: A WITCH STORY is where I have the biggest problem. It is basically a jumbled, unorganized mess. We are hastily introduced to characters and given no reason to like them. Not to mention the fact that we are given no backstory on several of them. Also, there’s no tension in the plot. I never once felt like this was a horror movie, not even when the witch was on the screen.

As it is, LILY GRACE: A WITCH STORY is a bust. I cannot recommend it because it simply has too many flaws. The film is available now, however, if you decide to check it out.


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