TV Show Review – The Curse of Oak Island, Season 2

The Curse of Oak Island, Season 2
Courtesy of Lionsgate
Release Date: October 20, 2015


Last year, I had the privilege of reviewing the first season of this excellent reality TV show, THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND. As an avid fan of treasure hunting and the thrill of the hunt, this show really piqued my interest. I’m very thankful the fine folks at A&E Home Video and Lionsgate saw fit to continue my obsession by providing me with season two. And just like its predecessor, season two is chocked full of suspense and intensity. This time, however, the mystery deepens with the discovery of new information and a new theory!

If you are not familiar with THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Lionsgate:

After their exciting discovery in season 1, brothers Rick and Marty Lagina return to Oak Island and the strange triangle-shaped swamp to look for more clues to this 200-year-old mystery. As they begin excavating the infamous Money Pit, a startling theory comes to light—could the treasures from King Solomon’s Temple have been buried on Oak Island 2,500 years ago? Rick and Marty look for evidence to prove it, drilling deeper into the Money Pit. When a visitor comes to the island suggesting he may have discovered a secret method of getting to the treasure, Rick and Marty bring a team of divers to Oak Island to explore the legendary treasure shaft, 10-X. What they find and where they find it leads them closer to the truth, but will they escape the deadly prophecy?

From a production standpoint, this season looks and feels just like season one. This is not a bad thing, either. The documentary-style presentation works well for conveying the information about the dig and their finds, and the participants themselves provide the drama and the action. This combination of mystery and thrills gives the viewer an entertaining rollercoaster ride of fun.

I am particularly intrigued by the discovery the team makes this season. I do not want to divulge any information, so as to not spoil the surprise…but I’m very eager to see where season three takes the show. The tension in the air as season two ends is as thick as plasma.

THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND, SEASON TWO is another huge win for me, and I recommend giving it a look. The show is still in its infancy, so there’s plenty of time to get in on the action now. I have to wonder how many more seasons the show will last before the team actually discovers whether or not their efforts have been in vain. Regardless of the outcome, the journey to get there is riveting and fun.


2 thoughts on “TV Show Review – The Curse of Oak Island, Season 2

  1. Instead of putting a man down that narrow pipe, why don’t they use an under water min sub camera instead of taking a chance. As they use them for all kinds of thing like finding things inside of ships, I think they have the mini camera subs in Port Moody if you check it out as I have seen them on an articles about checking things out where people can’t go.Just an idea.

  2. The real treasure is the bullshit TV show with 10 mins of content 30 mins of commercials and 20 mins of repeating the same trailers over and over and they r making money selling episodes to A&E and the History Channel for all the tools to watch\What a farce

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