Movie Review – Day 6 (2011)

Day 6
Directed by Varo Venturi
Courtesy of One 7 Movies & CAV Distribution
Original Year of Production: 2011
Release Date: October 13, 2015

day 6

I’m a sucker for a good alien abduction movie. I love to see different takes on the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’ when it comes to extraterrestrials and their fascination with poking and prodding us. But, just like the horror genre, for every good movie you find, there are fifty horrible titles running right along side it. Unfortunately, DAY 6 falls into the negative category here. This film starts with an interesting premise, however the execution falls flat. The result is a dull film that does not entertain or thrill.

If you are not familiar with DAY 6, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of One 7 Movies:

Dr. Piso, a brave scientist, has been studying for years the worrying phenomenon of alien abductions, through an innovative technique of hypnosis. One of his patients, the young Saturnia, a charming aristocratic, will reveal an unexpected case, forcing him to face the shocking reality hidden for millennia behind the scenes of history…Based on revolutionary new scientific theories that disrupt the boundaries of our belief system. Horror and Sci-fi are here counter-phased, in the name of a new cinematographic wave: ‘Sci-real’.

DAY 6 is one of those films that tries real hard to make you like it, but there’s just not much here to like. I have to confess I actually fell asleep TWICE while watching this. Both times I had to rewind, and both times the results were disappointing.

The film looks ok from a production standpoint, but again, there’s not much to it. The sets are primarily just apartments and/or office buildings, but nothing stands out. The cinematography is plain, and the film quality appears to be a couple of ticks above a standard home video camera.

The acting in DAY 6 is mediocre, and there’s no breakout performances from any of the cast. Massimo Poggio plays the main character, Dr. Piso, and he does a decent job. Laura Glavan, who portrays Saturnia/Hexabor of Ur, is very beautfiul, yet her performance is dry. This is the case with pretty much the rest of the cast; although dramatic situations arise throughout the film, I never felt like any of the cast members were in the moment.

The story in DAY 6 is where I have the biggest problem. It is a jumbled mess that never weaves together any cohesion. Several things happen for no reason, and the audience is never clued in as to why. Additionally, every attempt to build tension fails for some reason. I can’t quite figure out why, but there’s never any buildup. This is a huge reason the film does not work for me.

I can’t recommend DAY 6, unless you are looking for a foreign alien abduction film that doesn’t really contain any abductions. The regression hypnosis the doctor uses never really results in anything mind-bending, and the interactions with Hexabor of Ur are uninteresting. The movie tries and tries to conjure up some sort of suspense, but in the end it just fails.


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