Movie Review – A Plague So Pleasant (2015)

A Plague So Pleasant
Directed by Benjamin Roberds
Courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing
Release Date: September 29, 2015

a plague

I am so thankful there are directors out there who can still find new takes on the zombie genre. Now, don’t get me wrong: I love straight-up zombie movies as much as the next guy; and THE WALKING DEAD is my favorite show on TV right now. But when somebody can bring something new to the table…well, that’s a true talent. Such is the case with A PLAGUE SO PLEASANT, a recent release from Wild Eye Releasing. This low budget gem is a nice detour from the standard zombie fare most of us are used to.

If you are not familiar with A PLAGUE SO PLEASANT, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing:

In the near future, zombies have become a protected, endangered species, held in captivity and legally wandering the streets free from harm by the living. But for the loved ones of those who die, sometimes coping is just too much to handle, especially when not everyone feels the dead have a right to exist, and are willing to break the law to rid the world of this new population of the dead.

This film is not perfect, but it’s full of heart and talent. And despite working with a shoestring budget (I heard they shot the whole film for only $3,000), the production team does an amazing job in putting everything together.

A PLAGUE SO PLEASANT is shot well, and the camerawork looks good onscreen. The film is presented in black-and-white, though, which threw me a bit. I’m not sure why this was chosen, but I suppose it works as a whole; it just seems…odd. But thankfully, it’s not a big detractor.

The acting is about what you’d expect from a low budget film, but it’s pretty good, thankfully. I am not familiar with the cast, but they do a fine job in their roles.

The special effects are, once again, decent for a low budget picture. And now that I think about it, I would imagine they are the reason for the black-and-white presentation. Cheaper effects actually look better in B&W than in color.

But the story in A PLAGUE SO PLEASANT is the real winner here. This is not a typical zombie-genre style plot. I love how the dead are an endangered species in the film, and the lengths to which the government goes in an attempt to protect them. One sign on a fence even states “PICK POCKETING THE UNDEAD IS CONSIDERED GRAVE ROBBING AND WILL BE PROSECUTED.” Very good stuff.

As such, I really enjoyed A PLAGUE SO PLEASANT, and I recommend it. Keep your expectations realistic (don’t get into it expecting a WALKING DEAD budget), and you should thoroughly enjoy it. I see bigger and better things in the production team’s future, so I cannot wait to see what they do next.


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