Blu-ray Movie Review – The Color Out of Space (2010)

The Color Out of Space
Directed by Huan Vu
Courtesy of BRINK Vision & MVD Distribution
Original Year of Release: 2010
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date: July 7, 2015

The Color

H.P. Lovecraft’s fiction has been the basis for many films, including both original stories and adaptations of his work. Several of these films are very good, including THE UNNAMABLE and CASTLE FREAK, while others are outstanding, such as Stuart Gordon’s RE-ANIMATOR and DAGON. I’m proud to announce Huan Vu’s THE COLOR OUT OF SPACE will join the upper echelon of these excellent Lovecraft adaptations. This film is a brilliant recreation of the story, and I highly recommend giving it a look.

If you are not familiar with THE COLOR OUT OF SPACE, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of BRINK Vision:

Arkham, 1975: Jonathan Davis’ father has disappeared. His tracks lead to Germany, to the Swabian-Franconian Forest where he was stationed after the Second World War. Jonathan sets out to find him and bring him home, but deep in the woods he discovers a dark mystery from the past. Based on H.P. Lovecraft’s short novel “The Color Out of Space”.

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this one. Several years ago, I watched another adaptation of this particular Lovecraft story, only this one was titled COLOUR FROM THE DARK. It was a good film, but it deviated from the original story quite a bit. This film, on the other hand, stays much closer to the source material.

THE COLOR OUT OF SPACE is shot very well and looks great onscreen. It is presented in black-and-white, except for the strange meteorite globules, which are shown in shimmering color. This stark contrast makes for an interesting viewing experience and heightens the immersive nature of the film.

The acting is very good, however I have to admit I am not familiar with any of the cast. Likewise, the special effects look great as well. I particularly like the CG used for the meteorite globules; this looks impressive, especially when they are shown against the black-and-white backdrop of the rest of the film.

If I were forced to find a flaw with THE COLOR OUT OF SPACE, I might have to mention the odd nature of the first five minutes of the movie. For some reason, these first few minutes seem out of place with the rest. Perhaps this is because they have a different feel and a slightly different look than the rest of the film. Granted, they don’t detract from the movie overall, but I do feel this is worth mentioning.

Otherwise, THE COLOR OUT OF SPACE is a major win for me, and I highly recommend it. Be sure and snag one of the Limited Edition Blu-rays (they only made 1000 copies!); in addition to some slick reversible artwork, it also contains an exclusive newspaper cover insert. Also included on the Blu-ray are:

* A variety of Lovecraft audiobooks
* Dreamlands Trailer
* Lost scene
* Science and Horror Featurette
* Effects and Concepts Featurette

The film is available now, so make a note and check it out!


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