Movie Review – Delirium (2015)

Directed by Jared Black
Courtesy of Monarch Home Entertainment
Release Date: May 26, 2015


I had no clue what to expect from DELIRIUM when I found it in my mailbox. I had never heard of it before, but the cover art looked cool and the premise was intriguing. I didn’t need much more prompting than that, so I threw it in my player and gave it a look. WOW…call me impressed! This slick, low-budget horror/thriller is well made and very entertaining. And although it is not perfect, it is a heck of a film, and it is one I recommend every horror/thriller fan give a shot!

If you are not familiar with DELIRIUM, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Monarch Entertainment:

After being missing for over a year, Emily returns home… but something came with her. A family struggling with the lack of knowledge about their missing daughter fights to keep her safe. Who can be trusted?

Director Jared Black has a bright future ahead of him if he can keep producing films like this. It is well fleshed out and original, two characteristics that films in the horror genre are slowly losing. With a few more films under his belt, I’ll bet Black becomes a household name in the genre world.

DELIRIUM is shot very well and looks good onscreen for the most part. A few of the darker scenes are sorta grainy, not due in part to lighting but the use of a cheap(er) video camera. This is nothing that detracts from the film as a whole, and I would expect Black will remedy this in the future when better equipment is available.

The acting is really good as well, with Nathan Polzin heading up a nice cast. I am not familiar with the faces in this film, however they all do a great job in their roles, particularly Polzin.

The story in DELIRIUM is the big winner here, but it is also a part of what keeps this from being a perfect film. I know that’s confusing, but just bear with me. The film is a taut and riveting thriller that keeps you guessing…but it also has a very nice twist about halfway through. I found myself smiling after the twist occurred…but then I realized I had paused the film to make sure I knew what was going on. As such, I feel like the twist might have been executed a little too abruptly, and thus it throws the viewer for a loop for a few seconds. You’ll have to see the film to understand where I’m coming from here, and I highly recommend you do.

DELIRIUM is still a big win for me, and I suggest you give it a chance. Dread Central reviewed it and said, “…a chance to rise above and be the next micro-budget film to set the world on fire.” I agree; it’s a great film and showcases director Jared Black’s talents. I truly hope to see more from him in the future. DELIRIUM is available now in a variety of formats.


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