Movie Review – Housekeeping (2015)

Directed by Jennifer Harrington
Courtesy of Lionsgate
Release Date: March 31, 2015


I absolutely love Lionsgate’s After Dark Original films. I’ve seen a slew of them, going back several years to the After Dark Horrorfest series. Although I’ve seen many of them, I can only recall two (out of the dozens I’ve watched) that I didn’t care for. HOUSEKEEPING is an After Dark title that certainly does not fit into that category. And while it’s not a perfect film, it’s very good, and I highly recommend giving it a shot.

If you are not familiar with HOUSEKEEPING, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Lionsgate:

Lucy, a young med student in need of quick cash to help her troubled brother, reluctantly accepts the too-good-to-be-true position as a housekeeper offered to her through a friend of a friend. But things quickly take a disturbing turn. Her never-seen employer seems to have a dark side, and the job reveals itself to be anything but normal.

Director Jennifer Harrington should be commended for what she accomplishes with this film. There’s essentially only one character that we ever see, and she never talks. The dialogue we do get is from voicemails, and they are skillfully used to tell the story. I am very impressed with the originality of this concept, and I applaud Harrington for taking such a bold step.

HOUSEKEEPING is shot well for the most part, however there’s one complaint I have about the picture quality: the color correction. The film practically has none. The result is a dull picture with bland color that does nothing to help the story. This isn’t really a deal-breaker for me, but I feel it worth noting because it makes the film look cheap.

The acting is very good, with Adriana Solis portraying the main character, Lucy. Solis gives a mesmerizing performance, conveying a wide range of emotions with simply her body language. Despite the lack of dialogue, Solis convinces the audience to feel everything she feels, and in turn, offers viewers a deep immersion into the story.

There are practically no special effects in the film, but they aren’t needed. What wins the gold here is the story. I will not give anything away, but let’s just say a person’s past can catch up with them when they least expect it.

But although I enjoyed HOUSEKEEPING, and I am recommending it, the film does have a couple of flaws. I mentioned the color correction above, but I also have to mention the annoying voicemail beeps that precede each message. There are waaaaaay too many of them, and they blast loudly each time. I found myself having to adjust the level of my surround-sound each time they sprang up. Normally, this wouldn’t be such a nuisance, but the fact there are so many make it so.

Overall, however, HOUSEKEEPING is a great film, and I definitely suggest you give it a look. The film released earlier this week in a variety of formats.


7 thoughts on “Movie Review – Housekeeping (2015)

  1. this is by far the dumbest fucking movie, total waist of production money, I rented it and I think I am going to break it and not return it just to save thousands of people from ever having to view such an awful movie. I could make this film ten times as good using my iphone. There is no real sense of this movie. The woman doesn’t even speak, the graphics are shit, there is no ending that has solved anything. Basically I could see someone watching this film and literally killing themselves because this movie will make you go insane just trying to see the real story. I think the idea is great for what its supposed to follow, but who the fuck filmed and directed it??? They have got to be retarded, lets get together and actually make a movie and not a grade school flick. Jesus Fucking Christ, I now have a headache and feel as if I have been totally ruined of movies from this company!!!!

    • I couldn’t agree more
      I want my money back! This is the worst fucking excuse for a movie that I’ve ever seen, I had to turn it off not even half way through to avoid killing myself!

  2. I watched this without knowing anything about it. I read several reviews – all good. No one has mentioned the fact of cheap gimmicky advertising to sell this as a sexy slasher which its not. She doesn’t look anything like the cover – really?

    Sure it was more intelligent that your average slasher but this is 90 minutes of NOTHING happening – its like a Lifetime version of Saw – where she needs to pass a series of tasks or be punished but nothing really bad happens.


  3. The storyline is something that I would watch if someone happened to tell me about it, but it’s such a boring movie and nothing from what it looked like on the cover. The main character never talks and it’s really annoying. Some parts of it remind me of an old black and white, no talking movie.

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