Movie Review – House of Last Things (2015)

House of Last Things
Directed by Michael Bartlett
Courtesy of Revolver Entertainment
Release Date: February 10, 2015


I love films that defy classification and make you think. There are many out there, however they seem denied major publicity unless a big name like David Lynch or Tim Burton is attached. Revolver Entertainment has released an epic film that fits into this category, titled HOUSE OF LAST THINGS. This film is a visual masterpiece that is as haunting as its imagery. I would wager this is a film that will be talked about for a long time.

If you are not familiar with HOUSE OF LAST THINGS, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Revolver Entertainment:

ALAN (Randy Schulman) is a successful classical music critic as reflected in his spacious Portland home. His wife SARAH (Diane Dalton) is an obsessively grieving woman, struggling with an unspoken tragedy, even after months of institutionalized therapy. Upon Sarah’s release, Alan forces Sarah into a trip to Italy. He has already arranged for a house sitter in KELLY (Lindsey Haun), a young woman lonely for commitment and the better things in life. Kelly is quickly joined by her younger brother TIM (RJ Mitte), and her trashy boyfriend JESSE (Blake Berris).

When Jesse suddenly decides to kidnap eight-year-old ADAM from the supermarket, an act that seems too cruel even for him, it isn t long before the trio find themselves drawn into a web of disturbing revelations and caught in a netherworld between hallucination and reality. Both the future – and the past – are far less certain in a HOUSE OF LAST THINGS.

Director Michael Bartlett is a truly visionary filmmaker, and I will be putting his name on my list of Directors to Watch For. He has accomplished a huge feat here by releasing a visually stimulating film rife with symbolism and interpretation. And yet it is a gripping thriller/mystery at the same time. This Kubrick-esque jaunt into surreal territory is a real treat.

HOUSE OF LAST THINGS is shot beautifully and contains a slew of artistic cinematography. But the portrait it helps paint is a vivid and haunting tapestry that portrays a story of love and loss. The artistic elements intertwined with the thrilling storyline make this movie cinematic gold.

The acting is superb with the entire cast doing an excellent job in their roles. I found no lacking performances, and I credit each cast member with bringing their characters to larger-than-life status. This is yet one more feather in the cap of the production team.

The plot of HOUSE OF LAST THINGS is what really wins here, though. It keeps you guessing, right up until the big reveal at the end, and then gives a satisfying climax with a nice dose of resolution to close the film out. I will admit I was confused early on, but I quickly caught up and finished the film very happy.

HOUSE OF LAST THINGS is a major win for me. Part mystery, part drama, and part thriller, this hybrid of a film will entertain on many levels. Give it a look for sure. It is available now in a variety of formats. Clink on one of the links below for more information:

Amazon: House of Last Things
iTunes: House of Last Things


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