Movie Review – Honeymoon (2014)

Directed by Leigh Janiak
Courtesy of Magnet Releasing
Release Date: January 13, 2015


Do not be misled by this title; HONEYMOON is not a romantic comedy or anything of the sort. On the contrary, this film is a taut thriller that will keep you riveted in suspense. It is crammed full of tension and intrigue, along with a nice dose of horror and even some decent gore. In short, it has almost everything horror fans are looking for in a film.

If you are not familiar with HONEYMOON, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Magnet Releasing:

Young newlyweds Paul (Harry Treadaway) and Bea (Rose Leslie) travel to a remote lake cottage for their honeymoon, where the promise of private romance awaits them. Shortly after arriving, Paul finds Bea wandering and disoriented in the middle of the night. As she becomes more distant and her behavior increasingly peculiar, Paul begins to suspect something more sinister than sleepwalking took place in the woods.

I had high expectations going into this one. I really like Rose Leslie’s work (especially in Game of Thrones), and I remember liking Harry Treadway in a couple of roles he had previously in CITY OF EMBER and THE LONE RANGER. Combine these two talented actors with a plotline that is rife with mysterious circumstances, and I knew I was in for a treat. And a treat it was…I’m very happy to report the movie is very good.

As expected, the acting in HONEYMOON is fantastic. Leslie and Treadway appear to have a sincere chemistry onscreen, making their marriage very believable. Both do a fantastic job in their roles as individuals, but their relationship tension is very realistic.

The special effects are nice, too. I won’t go into great detail because some of them are key components of the film, but I was very impressed in particular with a certain scene towards the end that involves ‘an extraction’ of sorts. This made me cringe, and I loved every minute of it. You’ll definitely have to see it to believe it.

The storyline is the big winner for me, though. HONEYMOON is one of those films that delivers on several levels. It makes you smile at the beginning, when the newlyweds are discussing his proposal on camera, and then everything they experience during their first night at the honeymoon cabin. But when strange things start to happen, the happiness quickly turns to horror. I love it when a film can elicit this sort of response from me. It is a true testament to the talents of the writers and filmmakers.

My sole complaint is the lack of a definitive explanation at the very end of the film. We are told what happens to an extent, but the reasoning behind it is unclear. Again, I will not divulge details, so as to not spoil the mystery, but I was sorta surprised by the way the movie ends.

Still, that is nothing that should dissuade from seeing HONEYMOON. This is a first-rate horror flick full of chilling scenes and terror. I definitely recommend giving this one a shot; but if you’re about to walk down the aisle with your special someone, this film might make you reconsider your activities after you say “I do.”


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