Movie Review – Soulmate (2014)

Directed by Axelle Carolyn
Courtesy of Revolver Entertainment
Release Date: October 28, 2014


I am a huge fan of any director who can bring a unique vision to the big screen or even introduce a new twist to an existing concept. I’m an even bigger fan of directors who can do both. As such, I’m happy to report Axelle Carolyn has become one of my favorite filmmakers to date. Her recent release, SOULMATE, is a poetic ghost story that brings forth many different emotions and injects a nice dose of originality into the traditional spirit narrative.

If you are not familiar with SOULMATE, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Revolver Entertainment:

Recently widowed Audrey Barker moves to the Welsh countryside in a last ditch effort to get back on her feet after a failed suicide attempt. From the first few nights, she hears unexplainable noises coming from the living room and from a locked-off attic. She soon realizes the cottage she s renting is haunted; her presence has awakened a dormant spirit. Against all odds, she decides to stay, hoping to confront her fears and find comfort in the presence of the ghost, whose very existence is proof of an afterlife where she may some day be reunited with her husband. The spirit’s past oddly mirrors hers, and a strange relationship develops between them… But is she really safe?

Ghost stories have always fascinated me, and I love to see movies about them. Granted, there are hundreds of thousands of different tales about spirits, but they all seem to share a few central themes. A couple of these are fleshed out in this film, and Carolyn does a great job of bringing them to life (pardon the pun).

SOULMATE is shot well and looks great onscreen. The dreary Welsh landscape helps set a dark tone, and the mood continues throughout the film. I think this aspect is a major part of what makes the movie so viable. I don’t think it would have been as powerful if the location had been somewhere in America.

The acting is superb, with Anna Walton and Tom Wisdom portraying the leads. I’ve enjoyed Walton’s work since I saw her in HELLBOY 2 and MUTANT CHRONICLES back in 2008. Wisdom is a primary character on one of my favorite new TV shows, DOMINION (on Syfy), and I really enjoy his work as well.

But the story is the real winner for SOULMATE. It is very well written and plays out nicely onscreen. I will not divulge any secrets, but I will say that I really liked the ending and how everything winds up.

SOULMATE is a win for me, and I recommend it. The film is not really a horror movie, but more of a dramatic thriller. It touches on different topics, such as love and loss, and how they can affect us both negatively and positively. In short, it’s a movie that most of us can relate to in one way or another. The film is available now, so give it a look.

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