Movie Review – Gingerclown (2014)

Directed by Balazs Hatvani
Courtesy of Lionsgate
Release Date: November 11, 2014


If a horror flick has a clown in it, you can guarantee it will be on my Must Watch List. Many people are afraid of or creeped out by clowns, which is part of what makes these painted mysteries so delicious when they are served up in horror films. But the other half is simply what we do not know about them: who are they behind the mask? The same could be said for slasher fiends like Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers. GINGERCLOWN is a fun and horrific romp into clown-horror territory, but it’s not what you think. This isn’t Stephen King’s IT redone or anything like that. Oh, no…this is so much better!

If you are not familiar with GINGERCLOWN, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Lionsgate:

To impress the football team and the girl of his dreams, Sam dares to enter an old amusement park. But when Jenny follows him in, they quickly realize they’ll be lucky if they can get out alive.

This movie is not excellent, but it is certainly entertaining and definitely a lot of fun. It boasts an all-star cast (or rather the voices of these all-stars) and some zany special effects. At times, it feels like an old Peter Jackson horror film…but it also reminds me of a Joe Bob Briggs Drive-in trash title.

GINGERCLOWN is shot well, and I wish I could have watched it in 3D, which is how it was originally released overseas. The cinematic style seems to rely heavily on the 3D aspect, and I think many of the frights would have been more effective that way.

The acting quality is a mix. The voice actors are excellent, with headliners Tim Curry, Sean Young, Lance Henriksen, and Brad Dourif doling out quips and one-liners as their monstrous characters terrorize the youngsters. The physical actors, however, are only slightly above par. This could be due in part to a stiff script. Or, it could be a result of these foreign actors trying to speak without an accent. I’m not sure of the reason, but their performances come across as lacking.

The special effects in GINGERCLOWN are great, with some exotic monstrosities that will make you cringe and yet smile. Several of the creatures have a sort of Full Moon Features feel, while others are just downright terrifying. But they are all effective and, well, fun.

My sole complaint about the film is the lack of explanation for most of what is happening. Sure, we get to see why the kids go into the amusement park…but we never learn who the monsters are (technically) or why they are there. The average viewer might overlook this (I did), but some folks will want to know more info.

GINGERCLOWN will not win any awards, but it’s a quirky horror flick that fans of the genre will enjoy. Chocked full of bizarre monsters and surrealistic settings, this is one film you certainly have to see to appreciate. It hits store shelves tomorrow (Tuesday), so make a note.


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