Book Review – Orbs 2: Stranded by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Orbs 2: Stranded
by Nicholas Sansbury Smith
Release Date: October 7, 2014
Publisher: Simon & Schuster


Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of reviewing the first book in an alien-invasion series called ORBS, written by author Nicholas Sansbury Smith (click here to read the review). At the end of my review, I mentioned how I couldn’t wait for the next book because of the cliffhanger ending. Well, thankfully I didn’t have to wait long; ORBS 2: STRANDED was released a couple of weeks ago, and it is an excellent follow-up to the first book.

If you are not familiar with ORBS 2: STRANDED, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Simon & Schuster:

Dr. Sophie Winston and her team of survivors fend off the alien invasion in Orbs II: Stranded, the second book in Nicholas Sansbury Smith’s bestselling Orbs series.

At the end of the world, who can you trust?

The aliens have invaded, wiping out almost all life on earth. Their goal: water. Huge spaceships are draining the oceans, and the few remaining humans have been herded into farms, where their bodies are harvested to support the growing alien army.

Humanity’s last chance lies in the biospheres that have been planted secretly across the globe. But all is not peaceful in the biosphere led by Dr. Sophie Winston. With resources dwindling and tensions high, her small group of survivors is divided. Some want to fight, some want to stay hidden, and Sophie just wants to keep everyone alive.

When one of their own, eleven-year-old Jeff, is kidnapped by the Organics, Sophie is forced to pick sides. With the help of a promising new magnetic weapon, the biosphere team just might have a fighting chance to save Jeff and the world—if they live long enough to use it.

Just like the previous book, ORBS 2: STRANDED is chocked full of intensity and will keep you tearing through pages. But Smith has upped the stakes in this book and, as a result, amped up the action. The story is so intense, I read this one faster than it’s predecessor!

ORBS 2: STRANDED is written well and flows smoothly as the plot unfolds. Smith’s writing style once again shines, as he focuses more on the story and less on filling his sentences with exotic prose. I love this aspect of his writing, and I would wager it is part of what will make him a success in this genre.

As before, the characters are thoughtful and well written. I find it especially interesting to see how some of them are changing as the horrific events unfold, and not necessarily for the better. I will not divulge any names, but certain key characters are becoming less and less stable. This new development adds a whole new level of intrigue to the story, and I’m very curious as to who will survive because of this.

Just like the original, ORBS 2: STRANDED is a huge win for me. I’m extremely excited to get a hold of the third book, but for now I’ll just have to ponder where this one took me for a while. I highly recommend giving this series a chance. Both books are available now in a variety of formats.


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