Movie Review – Game of Assassins (2014)

Game of Assassins
Directed by Matt Eskandari
Courtesy of Lionsgate
Release Date: September 23, 2014


Have you ever seen a movie cover that caught your eye, so you picked it up, read the back, and thought, “Hm, sounds interesting.” You take the movie home and throw it in the player, but once it starts, you quickly realize the cover and the description don’t have much to do with the actual film you’re watching. I’ve run across this several times over the years, and it never fails to make me roll my eyes. I can only assume the person in charge of promoting the film didn’t actually watch it before they decided to market it. Such is the case with GAME OF ASSASSINS. While the description does tell a bit of the plot, the cover (and the title, for that matter) makes no sense.

Even so, the film is well done and entertaining, therefore I am not giving it a bad review. However, I do feel I have to be honest in my reviews, which is why I tell you things like this. There’s nothing worse than paying money for something, only to find out it’s not what you thought it was.

If you are not familiar with GAME OF ASSASSINS, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Lionsgate:

A group of misfits find themselves trapped in what they believe to be an underground incinerator and come together in the hopes of discovering a way out. They quickly realize that to get out alive they’ll each be tested in ways that are specific to their past, but will leave their future changed forever.

Now that I’ve gotten my ‘rant’ out of the way, I will start off the review by stating I really enjoyed this film once I disregarded the cover and title. It is a slick little thriller chocked full of intensity and an intriguing plot.

GAME OF ASSASSINS is shot well and looks good onscreen. I particularly like the dark, almost Gothic nature of the sets. They help set a very eerie and unsettling tone for the movie, which in turn draws the viewer deeper into each scene.

The acting is pretty good as well. I always enjoy seeing Bai Ling onscreen, and this time she’s joined by Dustin Nguyen, Warren Kole, and Jaime Ray Newman. While no breakout performances can be noted, the whole cast does a good job in their roles.

The plot of GAME OF ASSASSINS is what wins me over here, though. I like the mystery that unfolds as the group ventures deeper into their prison. And when the big reveal comes at the end, it does not disappoint. Overall, this is a satisfying movie experience.

GAME OF ASSASSINS is a tension-filled gauntlet that pleases on several levels. I recommend giving this little gem a look; just disregard the artwork on the DVD cover (it literally has nothing to do with the film). The movie is available now in a variety of formats.


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