Blu-ray Movie Review – Nekromantik (1987)

Directed by Jorg Buttgereit
Courtesy of Cult Epics
Original Release Date: 1987
Blu-ray Release Date: October 7, 2014


NEKROMANTIK is probably one of the most controversial and yet sought after films ever released. This German shocker quickly gained notoriety around the world because of its gruesome subject matter, and it has been banned in several places. Because of its reputation, I knew it was a film I had to see. The fine folks at Cult Epics recently released the film on Blu-ray, and I had the privilege to check it out. My reaction? WOW…shocking, disturbing, but yet very well done, artistic and full of merit. If you can handle the subject matter, this is one film every horror fan should definitely own!!

If you are not familiar with NEKROMANTIK, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Cult Epics:

Nekromantik tells the story of Rob (Daktari Lorenz) who works at a street-cleaning Agency, and visits roadside accidents to clean up the scene. Incidentally Rob collects the body parts and shares them with his girlfriend Betty (Beatrice M.) When Rob presents a complete corpse taken out of a swamp, their undying love reaches its peak, but soon after Betty gets a more liking towards the corpse and leaves Rob, which takes him to the sick end of his destruction.

I guess I should insert a warning here: many people will find this film offensive and off-limits. The subject matter is obviously taboo and will probably make some viewers recoil in revulsion. But the film does not glamorize necrophilia or anything of the sort; on the contrary, it shows how such a thing can destroy a person.

NEKROMANTIK is shot well and looks great onscreen. The Blu-ray version contains two versions of the film: the new director’s approved HD transfer, taken from the original Super 8mm negative, and the new Grindhouse HD version, taken from the theatrical 35 mm print. Regardless of which one you watch, you’ll be impressed by both.

The film contains some excellent gore, too. Aside from the corpse, we get to see several scenes of carnage, including a car accident that leaves a woman cut in half, a real rabbit that is killed and skinned, and even a man who has the top half of his head severed in two! Gore-hounds will be happy here for sure!

If you do get the chance to give NEKROMANTIK a look, you should definitely watch it on Blu-ray. Aside from the HD transfer for great picture and sound, you’ll get four hours of extras, including:

* New Director’s approved HD transfer (taken from the original Super 8mm negative)
* New Grindhouse HD version (taken from the Theatrical 35mm print)
* Introduction by Jorg Buttgereit (2013)
* Q&A with Jorg Buttgereit at the American Cinematheque (2013)
* Never Before released short film Hot Love (1985) in HD
* Hot Love Audio Commentary & Featurette
* Audio Commentary by Jorg Buttgereit and co-author Franz Rodenkirchen
* The Making of Nekromantik
* Nekromantik Featurette
* Still Photo Gallery
* JB Trailers
* Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The first 10,000 Blu-ray copies also include original collectible artwork by Johnny Ryan and a special Nekro photo of Beatrice M.

NEKROMANTIK will certainly not be for everyone, but it’s a big win for me, and I recommend it if you can stomach the subject matter. I was happy to discover I can still be shocked, even after everything I’ve seen onscreen, and this film certainly surprised me. It is available now.


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