Blu-ray Movie Review – Nekromantik (1987)

Directed by Jorg Buttgereit
Courtesy of Cult Epics
Original Release Date: 1987
Blu-ray Release Date: October 7, 2014


NEKROMANTIK is probably one of the most controversial and yet sought after films ever released. This German shocker quickly gained notoriety around the world because of its gruesome subject matter, and it has been banned in several places. Because of its reputation, I knew it was a film I had to see. The fine folks at Cult Epics recently released the film on Blu-ray, and I had the privilege to check it out. My reaction? WOW…shocking, disturbing, but yet very well done, artistic and full of merit. If you can handle the subject matter, this is one film every horror fan should definitely own!!

If you are not familiar with NEKROMANTIK, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Cult Epics:

Nekromantik tells the story of Rob (Daktari Lorenz) who works at a street-cleaning Agency, and visits roadside accidents to clean up the scene. Incidentally Rob collects the body parts and shares them with his girlfriend Betty (Beatrice M.) When Rob presents a complete corpse taken out of a swamp, their undying love reaches its peak, but soon after Betty gets a more liking towards the corpse and leaves Rob, which takes him to the sick end of his destruction.

I guess I should insert a warning here: many people will find this film offensive and off-limits. The subject matter is obviously taboo and will probably make some viewers recoil in revulsion. But the film does not glamorize necrophilia or anything of the sort; on the contrary, it shows how such a thing can destroy a person.

NEKROMANTIK is shot well and looks great onscreen. The Blu-ray version contains two versions of the film: the new director’s approved HD transfer, taken from the original Super 8mm negative, and the new Grindhouse HD version, taken from the theatrical 35 mm print. Regardless of which one you watch, you’ll be impressed by both.

The film contains some excellent gore, too. Aside from the corpse, we get to see several scenes of carnage, including a car accident that leaves a woman cut in half, a real rabbit that is killed and skinned, and even a man who has the top half of his head severed in two! Gore-hounds will be happy here for sure!

If you do get the chance to give NEKROMANTIK a look, you should definitely watch it on Blu-ray. Aside from the HD transfer for great picture and sound, you’ll get four hours of extras, including:

* New Director’s approved HD transfer (taken from the original Super 8mm negative)
* New Grindhouse HD version (taken from the Theatrical 35mm print)
* Introduction by Jorg Buttgereit (2013)
* Q&A with Jorg Buttgereit at the American Cinematheque (2013)
* Never Before released short film Hot Love (1985) in HD
* Hot Love Audio Commentary & Featurette
* Audio Commentary by Jorg Buttgereit and co-author Franz Rodenkirchen
* The Making of Nekromantik
* Nekromantik Featurette
* Still Photo Gallery
* JB Trailers
* Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The first 10,000 Blu-ray copies also include original collectible artwork by Johnny Ryan and a special Nekro photo of Beatrice M.

NEKROMANTIK will certainly not be for everyone, but it’s a big win for me, and I recommend it if you can stomach the subject matter. I was happy to discover I can still be shocked, even after everything I’ve seen onscreen, and this film certainly surprised me. It is available now.


Movie Review – Free Fall (2014)

Free Fall
Directed by Malek Akkad
Courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment
Release Date: October 28, 2014


I have no problem with admitting I was biased towards FREE FALL prior to viewing it. You see, I am a huge fan of Sarah Butler and her work, therefore I already expected to like the film. And thankfully, I was not disappointed in the least. This is a tension-filled thrill-ride that boasts an excellent cast and a suspenseful storyline. You can’t ask for much more out of a movie experience.

If you are not familiar with FREE FALL, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment:

A top executive is killed in an apparent suicide leap from the skyscraper headquarters of Gault Capital. But when the dead man’s loyal protégé Jane Porter (Sarah Butler of I Spit Your On Grave) uncovers some startling criminal evidence, the corporation calls in their crisis manager (D.B. Sweeney of Taken 2 and Fire in the Sky) to silence her forever. He will trap Jane in an elevator between floors. It is a holiday weekend in the empty building. And for one desperate woman, surviving a cold-blooded killer may now mean a very long drop to the ground floor. Ian Gomez (Cougar Town) and screen legend Malcolm McDowell (The Artist, A Clockwork Orange) co-star in this intense suspense thriller from the producers of the Halloween and Final Destination movies.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Butler a few years ago, when she was promoting I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE. She (and the rest of the cast) attended the Texas Frightmare Weekend, and I got the opportunity to visit with them one-on-one. I have to say they were all very classy but down to earth, true professionals in every way. After watching the film, I became fans of the whole cast; they all did a great job in the film, but Butler shined like a beacon. As a result, I am an avid fan of her films.

FREE FALL is shot well and looks great onscreen. The production value appears high, and the attention to detail within the film does not go unnoticed. Little things like the type of computers the executives were using (touchscreens with the latest software) help add to the realism of the high-rise setting. I also particularly like how the location managers captured the amazing views of the Los Angeles skyline at night.

Needless to say, the acting is top-notch with Butler heading up a great cast. I am constantly impressed with her acting talents. She is a beauty that does not have to rely on her looks to land her roles. But although she steals the spotlight for me, I would be remiss if I did not mention her fellow costars. Screen legend and icon Malcolm McDowell is always a pleasure to see in a film. And surprisingly, D.B. Sweeney does a great job as well; I thought he had fallen off the face of the earth after his popularity in the 90s, however I see from his IMDB page that he has been plenty busy.

The storyline of FREE FALL deserves a lot of credit, too. It is intelligent and intense, with plenty of suspense to keep you riveted to your seat. And, I can definitely say I have never wanted to see a final showdown as badly as I did in this film.

FREE FALL is a big win for me, and fans of thrillers and suspense will love it. I highly recommend giving this one a look. It hits store shelves tomorrow, so make a note.


Movie Review – Sledge (2014)

Directed by John B Sovie II & Kristian Hanson
Courtesy of Brain Damage Films
Release Date: October 7, 2014


The fine folks at Brain Damage Films have been responsible for several films I have thoroughly enjoyed this year. These include SCAVENGER KILLERS, DEAD ON APPRAISAL, and POE. However, even the best companies have a miss every now and then. It saddens me to report their recent release SLEDGE is one of those misses. Although the film has a great premise, the final product comes up way short in the entertainment category.

If you are not familiar with SLEDGE, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Brain Damage Films:

A group of twenty-somethings head to a secluded campground fro a peaceful weekend. What could go wrong? Hunted in secret by vicious killer Adam Lynch, a deranged maniac who wears the faces of his victims, the teens must do everything in their power to hold onto their sanity and their lives. SLEDGE features horror and humor in equal measure and it’s sure to leave you screaming for more.

Unfortunately, this film made me scream for it to stop. For as much as I love the concept of a killer with a sledgehammer, the execution here leaves much to be desired. And yes, I realize the film was meant to be tongue-in-cheek to begin with…but even that aspect never makes it across for me.

SLEDGE is shot in a low-budget fashion, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes it is painfully obvious here. The sound quality is terrible which, while not a complete fun-killer by itself, is just one more nail in the coffin here. These two negatives are not usually a reason to dislike a film completely, but when they are combined with poor acting and sad special effects, there’s really not much that can save it.

Speaking of poor acting, the quality within this film is below poverty-level. Regardless of whether or not this was done intentionally, the pitiful cast does nothing for me at all. I found each character annoying, and this was compounded exponentially by the fact that none of the cast could act. I would daresay I’ve seen elementary school productions with more talent.

I would like to say the special effects in SLEDGE are decent, however they are simply dull and flat. The blood and gore look orange instead of crimson, which is almost laughable…if it weren’t for the fact the special effects team tries hard to make it look real. The intestine that was supposedly ripped from a guy’s stomach is just a single rubber hose painted red. I actually shook my head when this scene arrived. If it was meant to be funny, it failed.

I hate to rip a film like this when it could have been so good, however it is my duty as a reviewer to give you my honest assessment. As a result, I have to recommend you steer clear of SLEDGE, unless you have an hour and a half of your life that you don’t want back. The film is available now if you decide to give it a look.


Movie Review – Hillbilly Horror Show, Volume 1 (2014)

Hillbilly Horror Show, Volume 1
Directed by various directors
Courtesy of MVD Visual
Release Date: October 21, 2014


I know what you’re doing right now. You are in the process of rolling your eyes and shaking your head as you read the title of today’s review. You are also probably thinking to yourself, “Man, he’s getting desperate for review material if he’s looking into stuff like this.” Well, my friend, you are wrong on both counts there. HILLBILLY HORROR SHOW might have a goofy title, but it packs a punch when it comes to horror. And while the hillbilly characters and aspects of the show might be humorous, they offset the terrifying frights from the short films within nicely.

If you are not familiar with HILLBILLY HORROR SHOW, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of MVD Visual:

Hillbilly Horror Show (Vol. 1) is a one-hour anthology of short horror films created by up-and-coming filmmakers and hosted by our favorite, fun loving and beer-guzzling hillbillies, Bo, Cephus and their “Smo-Kin” cousin Lulu. Created by award winning writer and producer Blu de Golyer (House Of Good And Evil) and veteran actor and producer Bo Keister (Remember The Titans), the team selects and curates some of the scariest, most entertaining horror shorts found on this here planet. Volume 1 includes FRANKY AND THE ANT (“Best of Fest” – 2013 LA Indie Film Fest) – Franky has been betrayed and everyone close to him soon discovers that vengeance is not what he seeks. He wants a lot more than that. AMUSED – After a lazy morning full of errands, Martha returns home to find a horror feasting upon her daughter’s scalp. A terrifying chase ensues through the frozen countryside. Alone and desperate, Martha must race through the vast isolation as terror lurks and waits for its chance to pounce. DOPPELGANGER – A lonely skeleton goes on a perilous journey to find his own kind, only to find more than he bargained for in this tribute to Ray Harryhausen stop-action animation. THE NEST (“Best Foreign Short” – 2011 Atlanta Shortsfest) – A rancher must fight to survive when a swarm of over-sized flesh-eating bees escapes from a beekeeper who depends on their honey to keep her diner in business.

I have to confess I didn’t expect much from this show going into it. Just the title alone is enough to dissuade a diehard horror fan like me to pass it over. But I’m sure glad I gave this one a look. It is vividly entertaining, full of humor and terror alike, and I can’t wait see where future volumes go.

The comedy aspect of HILLBILLY HORROR SHOW works well, as it lightens the mood from the dark tones the short films set. The characters are aloof and funny, well thought-out stereotypes that play right along with each other. Likewise, their antics onscreen will make you grin and roll your eyes…but this is a good thing.

But the horror shorts are why you should sink your fangs into this show. We only get to see four in this volume, but they are all great. Each is shot well and does an excellent job of telling a story in such a short time. My favorite film in this volume is “The Nest”. Aside from an interesting storyline, this short is very well made and full of tension-filled frights. I could definitely see this as a Syfy Channel movie in the future.

HILLBILLY HORROR SHOW is a definite win for me, and I highly recommend giving it a look. It is described as “Hee-Haw meets Creepshow”, so you know you’re in for a treat with that tagline. Give this a look for sure.


Movie Review – Mystery Road (2014)

Mystery Road
Directed by Ivan Sen
Courtesy of Well Go USA
Release Date: October 14, 2014


I have to confess up front the only reason I wanted to see MYSTERY ROAD is because Hugo Weaving and Ryan Kwanten are in it. The plot sounded good, however I wanted to see the mentioned actors in other roles besides those they are most popular for (i.e. Jason from TRUE BLOOD, Agent Smith from THE MATRIX, etc.). But wow, I got so much more than I was expecting. This film is a top-notch, well made thriller that will keep you guessing.

If you are not familiar with MYSTERY ROAD, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Well Go USA:

Indigenous cowboy detective Jay Swan returns to his outback hometown to solve the murder of a teenage girl, whose body is found under the highway trucking route out of town. Alienated from both the white-dominated police force and his own community, including his teenage daughter (now connected to the murdered girl) Jay stands alone in his determination to fight back – for his town, and his people.

There are so many things to like about this movie. It is shot very well, and the cinematography does a great job of capturing the isolated yet beautiful landscape of Australia. This particular aspect alone is enough to make me recommend this film. But there’s much more about it to appreciate.

The acting in MYSTERY ROAD is excellent, with Aaron Pederson leading up a stellar cast. I’ve never seen Pederson’s work before, however he is a major talent. And, as expected, Weaving and Kwanten do not disappoint; both are at the top of their game in this film. I am also excited to see Bruce Spence onscreen. I’ve enjoyed his work since THE ROAD WARRIOR, way back in the early 80s.

But the biggest winner for me is the story. With a tone reminiscent of TRUE DETECTIVE, the case of the murdered girl unfolds with craftsman-like precision. And when things really get going, the intensity never lets up. The conclusion wraps up nicely, however I do not want to mention any specific details. This is a film you definitely must see to appreciate.

MYSTERY ROAD is a big win for me, and I highly recommend it. Some viewers might find the Australian accents a bit thick, so subtitles might be a good idea here and there. But definitely check this one out soon.


Movie Review – Chemical Peel (2014)

Chemical Peel
Directed by Hank Braxtan
Courtesy of Lionsgate
Release Date: October 14, 2014


Call me a freak, but I absolutely love good, gory movies. I just can’t help myself. The more splatter, the better. Films like Peter Jackson’s DEAD ALIVE or Eli Roth’s CABIN FEVER are some of my favorite splat-fests. So when I saw the summary for CHEMICAL PEEL, I knew it was a must-see. Chemical spills are always a great way to initiate some good gory action. And let me tell you: this film does not disappoint! Chocked full of intensity and plenty of splatter, this horror flick is one you must see!

If you are not familiar with CHEMICAL PEEL, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Lionsgate:

A weekend trip to the woods for a bachelorette party turns deadly when a nearby train accidence causes a chemical reaction to overtake the secluded valley. But waiting out the disaster could prove to be just as dangerous as the outdoors.

I am very impressed with how much I enjoyed this film. It is good on so many levels. Great acting, intriguing premise, and excellent special effects (i.e. gore). You just can’t ask for much more from a horror film.

CHEMICAL PEEL starts off with a bang and it never lets up. The tension is in the air from the get go, and it’s thick enough to feel on your skin. I love this aspect of the film, as it puts the viewer in the midst of things right off.

The acting is great, with a whole cast of unknowns (to me) giving top-notch performances. I have to give particular note to Natalie Victoria, who portrays the main character, Rae. Victoria does a stellar job as the role of the downtrodden heroine, and I hope to see more of her work in the future. I also have to mention Arielle Brachfeld, who plays Rae’s sister, Angela. Brachfeld does such a great job with her role, it’s almost scary. She makes Angela into a Grade A bitch. I can honestly say I have not wanted a character to die so badly in a long time.

The special effects in CHEMICAL PEEL win the blue ribbon here, though. There are several very nice gore scenes, and they don’t leave much to the imagination. One of my favorites occurs when one of the girls decides to take a shower and wash off some of the muck in the air. Little does she know that water is a trigger for the chemical reaction. As a result, the girl melts (literally) in the tub. This scene is very well done, and it will haunt my memory for a long time!

CHEMICAL PEEL is a big win for me, and fans of horror as well as gore-hounds alike will enjoy this one. Make sure you watch this on an empty stomach, though…even if you’re not very squeamish, some of these scenes will make you look away. The film is available now, so give it a look.


Book Review – Green Tsunami by Laura Cooney & L. L. Soares

Green Tsunami
by Laura Cooney & L. L. Soares
Release Date: May 19, 2014
Publisher: Smart Rhino Publications


When it comes to fiction, I’m a sucker for a good story, regardless of genre. Sci-fi, horror, fantasy, thrillers, even romance and humor…as long as the plot intrigues me, I’ll give it a look. So when I read the synopsis for GREEN TSUNAMI, my interest shot through the roof. As you can imagine, I was quite excited. Post-apocalyptic novels are a dime a dozen; but when you come across one that is rife with originality, how can you pass that up? That’s right…you can’t. I’m so glad I gave this one a chance because it’s an excellent read that will keep you riveted to your seat.

If you are not familiar with GREEN TSUNAMI, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Smart Rhino Publications:

“You would think that when a big green tsunami pounds down on the earth and floods the streets, and rips buildings out of the ground, that the scientists would have seen something coming. That they could have prepared for it. But this seems to have caught everyone with their pants down. And it doesn’t make sense that anyone survived. Nobody seems to remember when it actually hit. And nobody can figure out how we all didn’t get wiped out. How we all didn’t just drown. I’ve never seen such damage. And at the same time, it all seems to be healing over in some weird way. New things growing in their place–I can’t identify most of it. But I’ll try if you let me …”

Laura Cooney and L.L. Soares have created an apocalyptic novella that is disturbing, graphic, and provocative. A mysterious “green tsunami” has swept the planet–and nothing will be the same as both living and inanimate things begin to metamorphosize into a new horrifying reality. The story is told entirely via e-mails between a man and his wife, separated by the catastrophe, describing the terrors they must face as they strive to survive. The cover illustration is by Dan Verkys, with a cover design by Ju Kim. Interior illustrations were created by Will Renfro, Justynn Tyme, and Ju Kim.

I don’t think I’ve ever read surrealistic horror like this before, but I sure hope I can find more. The book is full of bold imagery and mind-bending scenes. I’ve never tried drugs, but I will bet reading GREEN TSUNAMI is like dropping LSD and then taking a tour of Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

GREEN TSUNAMI is written very well and flows nicely. I am very impressed with how authors Laura Cooney and L. L. Soares are able to convey the story from an e-mail point-of-view. This is a solid testament to the massive talent this duo has. But it is not only a good read, the book is visionary as well. The magnificent scope of the story that unfolds is huge. I absolutely love the ending, and I will probably reread this book very soon.

The book is only 150+ pages in length, but the authors cram a lot of drama into that small space. As a result, the reader is given a thrilling journey through the bizarre that can be completed in just a couple of sittings. This is another big plus for me, as I was able to finish the book in just two days.

GREEN TSUNAMI is a major win for me, and I recommend it to fans of horror, science-fiction, or anyone looking for a dark, enthralling nightmare. The book is available now in several formats.


Movie Review – Werewolf Rising (2014)

Werewolf Rising
Directed by B.C. Furtney
Courtesy of RLJ Entertainment
Release Date: October 14, 2014


I wish Hollywood would get back on the werewolf train and start making more movies in the genre. Seems like all of the studios are concerned more with vampires and zombies at the moment. And while I suppose that’s not a bad thing at all from a horror standpoint, filmmakers still need to show some love to the furry, carnivorous flesh-rippers that tore into our hearts in a big way back in the 80s. As a result of this neglect from big name studios, independent filmmakers have had to take point on bringing us fans lycanthropic goodness. Unfortunately, there’s not much goodness at all to be found with WEREWOLF RISING, the latest film from director BC Furtney.

If you are not familiar with WEREWOLF RISING, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of RLJ Entertainment:

Desperate for a break from big city life, Emma heads to her family’s cabin deep in the Arkansas hills. As she settles in for some much-needed R&R, she learns that something unspeakable lurks in the surrounding darkness. As the full moon rises, a bloodthirsty werewolf emerges from the shadows, slaughtering everyone in its path and revealing a sinister underworld Emma never knew existed. Thrown into a fight for her life, and her very soul, Emma will need to escape these big bad woods before it’s too late.

I really wanted to like this movie, especially because much of it was shot in Arkansas (only about three and a half hours from where I live). Our state is filled with woodlands and mountains, therefore it makes the perfect backdrop for a werewolf tale to unfold. Sadly, the beautiful scenery is the only positive aspect of this film.

WEREWOLF RISING is a low-budget film, and it looks like it in every detail. While this is certainly forgivable in movies where good acting and a solid plot overshadow the budget, neither applies here. As a result, the film looks cheap and suffers drastically because of it.

The film is shot in a decent manner, although the lighting could have been better in a few of the nighttime scenes. The sets are very simple, which is not necessarily a bad thing…however a little more emphasis on eye-pleasing backdrops would have been nice. For example, the house in which Emma resides looks like nothing more than a converted doublewide, and the place conveys a sense of dreariness that is almost depressing.

The acting in WEREWOLF RISING leaves a lot to be desired, although a singular beacon of excellence shines through whenever Bill Oberst Jr. is onscreen. I’ve enjoyed Oberst Jr. in every role he’s played, and he doesn’t disappoint here. Regrettably, he’s only in the film for about 10 minutes. The rest of the cast needs to go back to acting school. They deliver their lines as if reading them for the first time.

The story is supposed to be pretty straightforward, but it never really comes together or goes anywhere. There’s a lot of drama that is supposed to fill the gaps in between the horror, however it quickly becomes stale and moldy. I actually found myself wanting the characters to get killed off so I didn’t have to deal with their emotional baggage anymore.

The special effects are the final nail in the coffin for this film. I was willing to let several of the flaws slide if the werewolf effects were wicked; after all, I always love seeing practical special effects instead of digital. But I was disappointed once again. There’s no makeup involved, just costumes. They are not frightening at all, and they look like nothing more than a guy in a hairy suit. The facial features of these so-called wolves look more like vampire bats than anything, especially when you take into account the long, bat-like ears.

I cannot, in good conscience, recommend WEREWOLF RISING, unless you are looking for a movie to laugh at. I had high hopes for this one, especially since Bill Oberst Jr. was involved, but the film simply falls way below the mark. It hits store shelves today if you want to give it a look.

WEREWOLF RISING Official Trailer


Movie Review – Game of Assassins (2014)

Game of Assassins
Directed by Matt Eskandari
Courtesy of Lionsgate
Release Date: September 23, 2014


Have you ever seen a movie cover that caught your eye, so you picked it up, read the back, and thought, “Hm, sounds interesting.” You take the movie home and throw it in the player, but once it starts, you quickly realize the cover and the description don’t have much to do with the actual film you’re watching. I’ve run across this several times over the years, and it never fails to make me roll my eyes. I can only assume the person in charge of promoting the film didn’t actually watch it before they decided to market it. Such is the case with GAME OF ASSASSINS. While the description does tell a bit of the plot, the cover (and the title, for that matter) makes no sense.

Even so, the film is well done and entertaining, therefore I am not giving it a bad review. However, I do feel I have to be honest in my reviews, which is why I tell you things like this. There’s nothing worse than paying money for something, only to find out it’s not what you thought it was.

If you are not familiar with GAME OF ASSASSINS, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Lionsgate:

A group of misfits find themselves trapped in what they believe to be an underground incinerator and come together in the hopes of discovering a way out. They quickly realize that to get out alive they’ll each be tested in ways that are specific to their past, but will leave their future changed forever.

Now that I’ve gotten my ‘rant’ out of the way, I will start off the review by stating I really enjoyed this film once I disregarded the cover and title. It is a slick little thriller chocked full of intensity and an intriguing plot.

GAME OF ASSASSINS is shot well and looks good onscreen. I particularly like the dark, almost Gothic nature of the sets. They help set a very eerie and unsettling tone for the movie, which in turn draws the viewer deeper into each scene.

The acting is pretty good as well. I always enjoy seeing Bai Ling onscreen, and this time she’s joined by Dustin Nguyen, Warren Kole, and Jaime Ray Newman. While no breakout performances can be noted, the whole cast does a good job in their roles.

The plot of GAME OF ASSASSINS is what wins me over here, though. I like the mystery that unfolds as the group ventures deeper into their prison. And when the big reveal comes at the end, it does not disappoint. Overall, this is a satisfying movie experience.

GAME OF ASSASSINS is a tension-filled gauntlet that pleases on several levels. I recommend giving this little gem a look; just disregard the artwork on the DVD cover (it literally has nothing to do with the film). The movie is available now in a variety of formats.


Are you a fan of The Twilight Zone?

Check out this amazing set of the entire series (includes both the original show and the 80s remake).

Twilight Zone: The 5th Dimension Box Set


Here is the official description, courtesy of Image Entertainment:

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 25, 2014 – Image Entertainment, an RLJ Entertainment (NASDAQ: RLJE) brand, announces the release of The Twilight Zone: The 5th Dimension Limited Edition Box Set. For the first time ever, Rod Serling’s groundbreaking Original Series (1959-1964) and the classic 1980s Series (1985-1989) are together in one limited edition box set. With only 7,500 sets created, this limited edition 41-DVD box set is available on November 11, 2014 for an SRP of $349.98.

In addition to the two beloved series (225 episodes combined), and more than 20 hours of bonus features listed below, The Twilight Zone: The 5th Dimension Limited Edition Box Set contains one of four possible collectible 1960s Twilight Zone comic books. Limited Edition packaging features 3D black and white lenticulars and a serialized number on each of the box sets.

Over 20 hours of bonus features include:

· New featurettes with never-before-seen interviews
· The “American Masters” documentary Rod Serling: Submitted For Your Approval
· Dozens of audio commentaries previously available only on blu-ray
· Rod Serling interviews, lectures and appearances
· Interviews with cast and crew
· Original sponsor billboards
· Isolated music scores

If you preorder on Amazon (click the link above), you can pick this up for only $194.99!! How awesome is that? If you need ideas for what to get me for Christmas, here you go…