Movie Review – Found (2014)

Directed by Scott Schirmer
Courtesy of XLRator Media
Release Date: September 23, 2014


I just finished one of the best movies I’ve seen in 2014 thus far. FOUND has won several awards at film festivals across the country, and I can understand why. This brutal horror flick has some excellent gore, plenty of tension, and an ending that will haunt you long after the credits roll!

If you are not familiar with FOUND, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of XLRator Media:

Marty is the ideal fifth grader. He gets good grades, listens to his teachers, and doesn’t start trouble in class. But a darkness is beginning to fall over Marty’s life. The kids at school won’t stop picking on him, his parents just don’t seem to understand him, and now Marty must grapple with a terrible secret that threatens to destroy life as he knows it — his big brother is a serial killer! Brotherly love is put to the ultimate test in this emotional coming-of-age story that descends into full-blown horror.

When I first heard about FOUND, a lot of hype was circling the film. The fact that it had won so many awards was enough to make me take interest, but that can also be a bad thing; historically, films that win major awards are too artsy for me. Thankfully, this film lives up to its hype and exceeds it. This movie is a definite must-have for horror fans.

FOUND is shot well and looks great from a production standpoint. Granted, it is a lower budget film, but you can barely tell. The production team did a great job with the money they had, and they didn’t skimp where it counted.

The acting is really good, and I’m very impressed with the lead cast. Gavin Brown portrays the main character, Marty, and he does a stellar job. IMDB lists this role as his first, but I would have guessed he was a veteran actor. Likewise, Ethan Philbeck does an excellent job as the older brother, Steve. Both show versatility and range as actors, and I would wager they should look forward to long careers in Hollywood.

The special effects are eye-poppingly realistic, and I love them. There’s plenty of carnage to go around in this flick, and it is very well done. There’s no CG here as far as I can tell. The blood spurts and the entrails shimmer. You can’t ask for much more. I have to give a nod to the special effects team for their work because this film wouldn’t have been nearly as good without it.

FOUND is a huge win for me, and I highly recommend every horror fan check it out as soon as possible. With an epic storyline and some high caliber effects, this is a movie that people will be talking about for a long time. The disc touts some cool special features, too, including two full-version movies that are shown within the film itself. The film hits shelves next week, so make a note.


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