Movie Review – Kill Zombie! (2014)

Kill Zombie!
Directed by Martijn Smits & Erwin van den Eshof
Courtesy of Well Go USA
Release Date: June 10, 2014


I can honestly say I never expected to review a zombie movie that came from the Netherlands, especially a zombie-comedy. This is not a knock against the Dutch…it’s just that zombies and certain countries aren’t thought about together. But regardless of what I think about its origins, KILL ZOMBIE! is a hilarious horror-comedy that fans of SHAUN OF THE DEAD and TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL will love.

If you are not familiar with KILL ZOMBIE!, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Well Go USA:

A Russian Space station crashes in Amsterdam, releasing a deadly virus that turns everyday citizens into flesh-craving psychopaths. Aziz (Yahya Gaier), his brother Mo (Ouled Radi) and several strangers emerge from jail, oblivious to the mayhem until they team up with a local police officer (Gigi Ravelli). After receiving a desperate call for help, this unlikely band of heroes sets out on an insane rescue mission – and it’s going to take a seriously crazy plan if they want to get out alive…

If this movie is any indication of what the Dutch can do in terms of horror and/or comedy, then sign me up. I laughed so hard at parts of this film that I had to pause it so I could catch my breath. But it’s chocked full of gore, too, which is cause for a definite thumbs-up here.

KILL ZOMBIE! is an all around joy. The production value looks high, the acting is top notch, and the special effects are well done. Not to mention the laughs; there’s plenty of them to go around, and they can be found in the unlikeliest of places.

I like the entire cast of this film, and the best part is that there are several ‘main’ characters in it. As a result, there’s not a single person trying to dole out all of the funny; this makes the comedy more effective, as it gives several venues for laughs.

The special effects in KILL ZOMBIE! are really good as well. Many of the splatter-shots and zombie kills are CG, but the graphics look great and do not appear cheap. Likewise, there’s plenty of actual gore to go around as well.

KILL ZOMBIE! is a heck of a film, and I suggest you give it a look. Be warned, however: there is not an English dub-over, so you will have to read the subtitles. But I didn’t have a problem at all with doing so, and I enjoyed every bit of the movie. Check it out for sure when it hits store shelves next week.


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