Movie Review – Blood Widow (2014)

Blood Widow
Directed by Jeremiah Buckhalt
Courtesy of Midnight Releasing
Release Date: June 3, 2014


Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the woods…a new slasher-flick shows up to set you straight! And what an arrival this film makes! BLOOD WIDOW is a new entry into this favored horror sub-genre, and it is definitely a title to remember. Director Jeremiah Buckhalt takes some cues from class slashers of the past, and the result is a horrifying ride into a blood-soaked nightmare!

If you are not familiar with BLOOD WIDOW, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Midnight Releasing:

After buying a nice house in the country, Laurie and Hugh, a successful young couple, throw a party for their friends. During the wild night a few friends decide to explore the abandoned and decaying boarding school next door, only to wake an emotionally broken killer: The Blood Widow.

I wanted to watch this movie the instant I saw the poster; the cold, masked visage of the killer stands out like a lighthouse in the fog, and the image grabs hold of you with a vice-like grip. A picture like this is definitely a nice draw for a horror flick.

BLOOD WIDOW might be a lower-budget film, but it certainly doesn’t feel like one. It is shot well and looks good onscreen. I particularly like how the production crew makes the killer’s basement so foreboding. This is not an easy task to accomplish, but they pull it off with ease.

The acting is pretty good, about what I was expecting. No single character steals the show, with the exception of the Blood Widow herself, who is portrayed by Gabrielle Ann Henry. She does a phenomenal job of creating an icy persona behind which the killer resides. Her mannerisms are creepy and remind me of Jason in the early FRIDAY THE 13TH films.

The special effects in BLOOD WIDOW are a big winner as well. There’s a surprising amount of gore, and it is well done. There’s some nice limb-lopping scenes and even a hefty disembowelment which doesn’t leave much to the imagination! Gore is a definite must-have in a slasher, and this film delivers.

My sole complaint about the film is that some of the characters seem dumber than your average horror-flick cast. Meaning, they do things that a normal person probably wouldn’t do. I don’t want to give examples, because I don’t want to give anything in the film away, but if you watch the film you’re sure to see what I mean.

Even so, BLOOD WIDOW is a lot of fun and very entertaining. I would even love to see a sequel to this film; that is saying something because I don’t normally look forward to follow-ups. I highly recommend this film to horror fans. It is available now in a variety of formats.


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