Movie Review – Independence Daysaster (2014)

Independence Daysaster
Directed by W. D. Hogan
Courtesy of Anchor Bay Films
Release Date: May 27, 2014


Ah, the good ol’ Syfy Channel movies are back! Although many people don’t like them, I gotta tell you: I love many of those schlocky gems. Sure, they’re low-budget…but that’s no reason not to like them. They can be a lot of fun if you go into them with the right mindset. INDEPENDENCE DAYSASTER is one of these tongue-in-cheek masterpieces, and I rank it up there with some of the Syfy Channel’s best (or worst, I guess, depending on how you want to look at it).

If you are not familiar with INDEPENDENCE DAYSASTER, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Anchor Bay:

It’s the 4th of July, and America is celebrating. But when a hostile force attacks from both outer space and within Earth itself, our planet may be on the menu for a holiday barbecue. Can a small-town fireman (Ryan Merriman of “Pretty Little Liars”), a physics-loving teen (Andrea Brooks of “Supernatural”), a rogue scientist (Emily Holmes of METEOR STORM), a pair of nerd hackers and the stranded President Of The United States (Tom Everett Scott of THAT THING YOU DO!) now find a way to stop the invasion, nuke the alien mothership, and set off the biggest fireworks display of all? Keenan Tracy (“Bates Motel”) co-stars in this Syfy Original hit from the producers of 12 DISASTERS and END OF THE WORLD.

It’s interesting how the DVD cover looks vaguely familiar, as if we’ve seen it somewhere before; perhaps a certain Roland Emmerich film with a similar title? And the alien drones on the front…don’t those look like the same alien ships from a board game-to-film adaptation from 2012? If you’re rolling your eyes right now, it’s ok to do so. These ‘similarities’ are intentional and are part of what gives this film its charm.

I looked at INDEPENDENCE DAYSASTER as a comedy going in, not as an actual science-fiction alien-invasion story. Doing so made me enjoy the film. If I had wanted seriousness, of course I would have been very disappointed. But from a comedy perspective, the film is quite funny.

The special effects are what you would expect from a Syfy Channel movie, and the acting is very much the same. I like Tom Everett Scott for the most part, however I cannot see him portraying the President of the United States in ANY movie or show, especially if it’s not a comedy. The rest of the cast is not really noteworthy, but they hold their own for a movie like this.

INDEPENDENCE DAYSASTER probably won’t win any awards, but I liked it and my kids enjoyed it as well. This is one of those films that is full of corny goodness, so be forewarned if you give it a shot. It hits store shelves next week.


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