Book Review – Earth Star by Janet Edwards

Earth Star
by Janet Edwards
Release Date: April 15, 2014
Publisher: Pyr


Last year, I had the distinct pleasure of reviewing a YA title that I predict will soon be as big as THE HUNGER GAMES. This book, EARTH GIRL, is one of the best books I read in 2013, and I have been eagerly awaiting the sequel (click here to read my review of EARTH GIRL). Well, the fine folks at Pyr have recently released the second book in this series, and I have to say my expectations were not only met, they were exceeded exponentially. EARTH STAR is an excellent follow-up, and I am dubbing it a Must Read for 2014.

If you are not familiar with EARTH STAR, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Pyr Books:

Only She Can Save the World.

Eighteen-year-old Jarra has a lot to prove. After being awarded one of the military’s highest honors for her role in a daring rescue attempt, she finds herself—and her Ape status—in the spotlight. Jarra is one of the unlucky few born with an immune system that cannot survive on other planets. Derided as an “ape”—a “throwback”—by the rest of the universe, she is on a mission to prove that Earth Girls are just as good as anyone else.

Except now the planet she loves is under threat by what could be humanity’s first ever alien contact. Jarra’s bravery—and specialist knowledge—will once again be at the center of the maelstrom, but will the rest of the universe consider Earth worth fighting for?

I simply cannot put into words how much I love this series. It is original and inventive, a far cry from the slush-filled world of YA books that seems overburdened with rehashed ideas. Author Janet Edwards proves there are still unique concepts out there that are begging to be explored.

Like its predecessor, EARTH STAR is written very well and flows at a perfect pace. Edwards focuses more on story and less on lengthy prose, which in turn gives a more enjoyable and fast-paced reading experience. Her writing style is fresh and clean, with a distinct voice that readers of any age will enjoy.

The continuation of Jarra’s story is great, with several unexpected twists and turns. Personally, I love the character she shows when dealing with adversity, as her actions usually have unexpected (and sometimes rewarding) results. Jarra is a nice role-model for young adults, and I am thrilled that my own daughter is a fan of this series (and Jarra) as well.

If I were forced to find a flaw with EARTH STAR, I don’t think I could. It’s too well written and too fleshed out to see anything wrong. The ending has me salivating for the third book, however…I hope I can wait another year to get it!

EARTH STAR is a monumental win in my book (pardon the pun), and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone that loves good fiction. If you haven’t read the first book, snatch it up immediately. I found both books to be quick reads; I tore through them at a record pace, finishing each in just a few days time. But regardless of how fast you read them, just make sure you do. Both are available now in a variety of formats.


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