Movie Review – Blood Was Everywhere (2011)

Blood Was Everywhere
Directed by Jason Torrey
Courtesy of Sun in 10 Productions
Release Date: 2011


*** Fans of this site will note this review was originally posted back in 2012. Because my blog crashed at the end of that year, and because this is such a great indie film, I am reposting this review for you.

I am so glad that independent film is still alive and well in the film industry. There’s a certain something that you can only get with an indie film, like the spark of an original vision that Hollywood is slowly losing. Such is the case with BLOOD WAS EVERYWHERE, a low-budget slasher flick that gives a jolt of new life into a very used horror genre.

If you are not familiar with BLOOD WAS EVERYWHERE, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of the film’s Facebook page:

It’s Your Neighbors.
It’s Your Friends.
It’s Your Family.
It’s You…

The nightmare of the random, unsolved murder is brought to life: A faceless killer wreaks havoc on the lives of average people in a small Massachusetts town.

The plot synopsis doesn’t divulge much about the film, but that is actually a good thing; it’s better if you go into this one NOT knowing much about it. The lack of a preconceived notion about the film will enhance your viewing pleasure.

BLOOD WAS EVERYWHERE is shot very well and the overall look of the film is great. The acting is nice too, especially for a low-budget project. I was thoroughly impressed with several performances, including those given by Phillip Ristaino, who plays Kevin, and Vanessa Leigh, who portrays Tara. A couple of movie veterans even grace the screen, including Larry Holden and Paul Kratka.

The special effects are excellent; there are some grisly, realistic death scenes in this film that will make you squirm. My favorite has to be the mom who gets her throat slashed while sitting on the toilet. My sole complaint about the effects is that I wish we got to see more of them; a higher body-count obviously means more carnage.

If I were forced to find a flaw or two with BLOOD WAS EVERYWHERE, I would have to say that the pacing is a little bit slow. There are a couple of scenes that seem to drag on for too long, although I can see that director Jason Torrey is simply attempting to build character profiles in them. Also, a higher body count would have been nice, although I don’t think I would call that a flaw, just more of a personal preference.

Still, BLOOD WAS EVERYWHERE is a great film and a hell of an indie debut. It is vastly entertaining and showcases the skills of a talented up and coming director. The film is available at the official website (click on the link above), and you can even stream it to watch it for a smaller charge. Check it out for sure.


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